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Just got engaged!

We have set a date 14.05.2016, is it to early to contact the registar and think of a venue? We are on a pretty tight budget but want our day to be as elegant as possible, we will be missing out a few things to make it cheaper ! Looking at hotels for the meal etc 


  • No its not too early i booked my date/venue 16mths before, lots of places get booked up well in advance! We started on all the other bits like decs, outfits, flowers (fake) and invites and all that jazz a couple of months later and at the moment we are bang on schedule.

    The most important things to book early would be the venue, photographer, band/dj, registrar and maybe your dress.. im buying mine online so dont know how long you have to wait/order/fittings and stuff.. other brides will be able to give you more info x

  • MascaraMascara Posts: 114

    It's not too early, but registrars often only reserve dates a year in advance at the most. Check with yours. But venues can certainly be looked at. 


    I haven't set a date yet, but am possibly looking at spring 2016 - I've looked at possible venues just to give myself some idea of capacities/locations/budgets. It's the biggest chunk of your budget, so I think it's wise to start thinking about it.

  • No DJ can ever come close to the atmosphere of a good band and some charge as much as £500 !! Some useful advice on our website regarding such, we are just happy to help. Keith 

  • MariaaMariaa Posts: 73

    Hi, as I know Mays and Septembers are the busiest wedding months... so i think its not too early.  I can recommend a really good photographer. I made a research for a friend's wedding and they love him. His name is Peter Lane. Take a glance: 

    Wish you a happy planning image


  • BryonyGBryonyG Posts: 28

    We're getting married 2nd April 2016 and I reserved our registrar a couple of days ago. When we booked our venue a couple of weeks ago, we were the last date in that month available. So as May is high-season, I'd think now is a good time to start thinking about booking a venue for you image

    We can't make the registrar reservation an official booking until 2nd April this year - where we have to pay up and declare etc, but everyone I've spoken to advised we do it as soon as possible, and the woman I spoke to at the registry office agreed. I'd go ahead and make a provisional booking once you've found your venue - especially if you want a specific time.

    Other things we've already sorted are band and photographer - they're the ones that get booked well in advance. X

  • Carla8Carla8 Posts: 57

    We are getting married 23rd April 2016, we have booked our wedding venue and reception (same hotel), photographer, band and provisionally booked the registrar as we can't do it more than a year in advance image


    We are also tight on budget so have decided to get married at around 3.30 - 4pm so that is saving us about £4500 on food & wine!!

  • Jules11Jules11 Posts: 26


    List, list and more lists!!!! image


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