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Living in Oz - Getting Married in UK

My fiance and I are resident in Perth Australia.  He is UK born and I am a kiwi, and we would like to get married in the UK in June, when we come over for a holiday.  I would like some clarification as to the legalities (as I have understood it so far...).  I apply for a marriage visa three months prior to arriving (what documentation do I require for this?), once arriving in UK, we must be resident there for 7 days (does staying with his mother count?) before going to the registry office to register the marriage.  Once registered, we must wait 29 days (used to be 15 but will change in March) before legal marriage can take place.  Question - are we able to leave the UK to go to Europe during the 29 day wait? I look forward to your response.  Wading through the official websites have been a mission harder than trying to reach the moon and I know that trying to get through to the British Consulate will also require more level of patience than I have! Thank you in advance.  Any advice you can provide would be appreciated!


  • CD0412CD0412 Posts: 144

    Hmmmm, I have a feeling that you will have to stay in the UK during that time I'm afraid. Check with the registry office but I have a feeling that's what they will say, sorry! Sounds like you've got all the legalities but not sure on visas etc. as I'm English and live here anyway image

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