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Engaged.. now where to start?

Hello everyone,

I recently got engaged and myself & H2B plan to get married in July 2016.

We have picked our wedding venue, but haven't yet booked it yet, now I don't know where to begin with planning the rest.

Where did you all begin?

Are wedding fayres useful at all?

& do you have any tips on saving your pennies to fund the wedding? We are paying for it all ourselves so i'm looking for some tips on how you all started saving money, not just on paying for wedding things, just cutting back & saving in general.

I'm so excited I could burst! image


  • Hi Jodie, 

    congrats on your engagement. I am also on the same boat as you. We got engaged just before new year in Spain. I asked my bridesmaids last weekend and have looked through lots of magazines, websites and forums for ideas. i went to my first wedding fayre yesterday and found it very helpful. I asked lots of questions and sampled various catering, cakes, looked at dresses etc. 

  • Congratulations to you too! how exciting! image

    I have picked my bridesmaids, just haven't told them yet, looking for a unique way to ask! spent so much of my time this week on forums, looking at dresses, etc. me & H2B did go to a wedding fayre but I didn't find it very useful, was far too busy for the hotel it was in, however going to go to one nearer the end of the month!

    just finding it all so exciting - if a little overwhelming!

  • MariaaMariaa Posts: 73

    Hi Jodie,

    Congratulations! After my best friend's wedding, forced to be her right hand I'm an expert now : ) an I can give you some advices image

    First: Don't be stressed. You should be happy! You're getting married. image

    After that you should pick the venue (you did it)  and church, and one of the important things you should do, is to book your photographer,  because as I know they get booked in 1 or 2 years in advance most of the time. My favourite is Peter Lane. He was photographer on my best friend's wedding. So, i'd like to recommend him: 

    Maybe you'll like it too. image

    Okayyy, now I wish you a good luck! 

    Aand have a happy planning dear! Xx

  • I always say to book the things that are important to you ASAP. Venue and photographer would be the main one but I sometimes book up to 2 years in advance- weirdly got 3 enquiries for one day in 2016?! So I have booked all my suppliers that im dead set on already as they are people I work with regularly and wouldnt be happy using anyone else image

  • Eugenia-Eugenia- Posts: 121


    I got engaged in July 14 and we're getting married in August 15...not long to go now!

    We didn't rush into any of the big decisions (although I did some of the smaller ones and have since changed my mind!) 

    I would say you have plenty of time, so don't stress or rush. Get some magazines and enjoy spending time flicking through, getting ideas and keep a scrap book!! 

    Depending on where you are, things may get booked up - we've had no issues with anything apart from losing the band we originally wanted as we didn't book them when we found them. But everything else has been easy! And fun, it's soooo much fun!

    Keep true to yourselves - remember to bring in your personalities and don't do anything just because you feel you have to. My man will be wearing jeans on the day (smart ones!) with a shirt and waistcoat and pocket watch and converse - he wouldn't feel comfortable in a 3 piece suit, and this is his style, which I love so why change it!? We're also having children's games (but no kids at the wedding! Well, only my niece and nephew) as we're big kids at heart image 

    I went to a few wedding fayres - they were fun - although the big one in London freaked me out a bit - it was too big!! I like the smaller ones around Surrey which is where we are and getting married. And I like keeping things local. 

    Good luck, have fun and enjoy the experience!


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  • Temi-LATemi-LA Posts: 60


    I would say first thing your venue if you've found it. don't let someone else take your date! and if [ossible, book your church/registrar etc.

    Get the hard logistics sorted first before starting to get stuck into the 'nice' bits of wedding planning which involve scrolling on pintrest and instagram for wedding inspiration for days on end.

    Trust me! you think you have plenty of time but it goes so quick. I got engaged in December 2013 and I bought my dress, booked my venue and church, DJ and decorator before the end of February 2014. I put my mind at ease knowing these things were sorted.

    you don't want the mad rush towards the end. I've got 2.5 months to go until my wedding now, and even though I started strong and continued steady, you'll find there's still always more to do.

    It really depends on how organised you are really. if you're super organised, then you probably do have plenty of time. but if you tend to procrastinate or generally have a busy life, then probably best to start at it now image

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