Wedding in Sheffield

Hi everyone,

I'm from Sheffield and geting married in 2016. I'm looking for a good wedding company near me. I've come across this firm: Has anyone heard of it? Are they good?


  • Hi KamilaK.  We come into contact with a lot of event company's - big and small.  Just checking the link you gave us, you can see there is a proposal ongoing to strike the company off.  In Lay person's terms, they have not kept their affairs in order with Companies house and this is what happens.  I run a company and you must submit legal paperwork every so often.  I would not get involved with them at all.   To assist you a little bit, last year we came across a very very competent small firm in Manchester  (only a short trip away from you ) called PPL events I believe (we have the firm on our suppliers list now because we were so impressed).  The lady that runs it is very switched on indeed - as you ladies tend to be.  I hope this assists.  Keith. 

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