Wanting a small/intimate wedding

Hi girls

I'm new to you and your wedding so please bear with me image

My OH and I have been together for nearly 15 years and have a gorgeous little girl and are now planning to get married in May/June 2016.   We don't like a lot of fuss/attention so are planning a very small/intimate wedding with only close family/friends attending (approx. 15 people).   The venue that we're interested in offers a civil ceremony and then afternoon tea (no evening reception) which we both like the idea off but we're worried about leaving - how do we leave?  I know it sounds silly but we're not sure how to leave the venue when the time comes ha ha!!  Any suggestions?

Thanks ladies



  • Now_MrsMNow_MrsM Posts: 395

    if it were me....decide ahead of time what time you are going to leave and stick to it irrespective of whether or not everyone else is having a great time, don't feel pressured into staying...are you going to a hotel or something for the night or are you going home?

    if you're going home then you could make a joke of it by saying that you've got to get back to get the dinner on lol or, if you are going to a hotel say that you want to make the most of the facilities so thank you all so much for coming, please continue to enjoy yourselves but for now you will taking your leave as the new Mr & Mrs....


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