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Would love some advice from you lovely ladies!

Hi ladies! Congratulations to all of you on your engagements! I'm sure you are finding the planning just as exciting/daunting as I am! 

So basically I have already changed my mind a few times about the date (I am a typical Libra and find making decisions very difficult!) I was originally going to have my wedding this year in November and have a winter wonderland/Christmas theme as it is my favourite time of year but I am dead set on having the reception at my parents house as they have a huge beautiful garden complete with lake, barn, swimmjng pool and tennis court. I am super close to my family and have had the most amazing memories at the house I grew up in so to me a venue just wouldn't cut it as I wouldn't feel it was personal enough. Because of having it at the house, a winter wedding wouldn't be viable unfortunately as people would be parking in the fields and having cars/heels stuck wouldn't be ideal for anyone! So the only time I could have it would be in the summer so everyone could enjoy the garden (obviously weather permitting!) I was thinking of having it in May 2016 on the bank holiday weekend of sat 28th. Do you think bank holiday is a good time to have it or would you advise against it? Also does anyone have any experience of a wedding in May? If so would you say it is a good month to have it in?

Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling message image x




  • Hello! I'm getting married on Saturday 23rd May this year (BH weekend) and we chose it because a lot of my friends and family will be travelling from Kent down to Devon, so we thought it would be nice to give them an extra day if they needed it, for travelling purposes.

    I have always wanted to get married in May, its my favourite time of year, although I can't tell you what the weather will be like!

    I think a BH weekend is fine, as long as you have time to book all of your suppliers well in advance, as things can get booked up pretty quickly. It might also be worth checking if there are any events going on in your local area the same weekend, which could affect accommodation for guests. We didn't realise our wedding is the weekend of the Devon County Show, which meant a lot of the accommodation for guests was already booked up!

    Wishing you all the very best with your planning image

  • JosaJosa Posts: 93

    Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your reply image Ahh that is so good to know! I was a bit worried that maybe people always book in bank hol activities so didn't want to risk having no guests being able to come! I am also have a no children rule so hopefully this will give the parents more flexibility to sort out care for their children?!

    Devon is so beautiful, I can imagine you May wedding will be gorgeous in such a fab setting! Which part of Kent are you from? I live in Tunbridge Wells but my family home is close by in East Sussex! I wish you all of the luck in the world for next month! You must be so excited!!! Did you have plenty of time to plan? x


  • I think as long as you give people plenty of notice, they will be able to make arrangements! We are also having no children at the wedding, although this only affects a few of our guests anyway.

    My mum works in Tunbridge Wells! My family live in Hawkhurst - between T wells and Hastings. Where are your family from? Having the wedding at your childhood home sounds fantastic!

    Thanks! I am getting excited again now - I still feel like I have quite a bit to do, which is making me panic slightly! Haha. I've been doing quite a lot of things myself and we are making the wedding cake too!

    We've had about 18 months to plan the wedding, got engaged December 2013, and it's been really nice having that much time to make decisions about what we want - luckily I haven't changed my mind on many things! Pinterest is great for getting ideas - have you got any ideas on colours/themes yet? x


  • If you're doing it over the bank holiday don't do it on the Monday. Sounds obvious but people may be less likely to come as they'd have to get back to work the next day!

  • JosaJosa Posts: 93

    I know Hawkhurst!! My family home is in Burwash Common- so that's where the reception will be taking place! Do you know it? (next to Heathfield) I feel we are the lucky ones to grow up in the south eastern country side! what do you still have left to sort? I am already flustering about everything- I didn't even know what 'favours' were until today?!!! well my favourite colour is red so I think I'll have my bridesmaids in red- but maybe a more summer frriendly berry red. I have 8 bridesmaids who are all very different shapes and sizes so I think I will get them 2 styles maybe as I want them all to feel fabulous and not self conscious. What colour scheme are you having? Yes I will need to get on pinterest, my MOH is always talking about how amazing it is for ideas! x

  • JosaJosa Posts: 93

    Hi RicePudding! Thanks for your comment! I agree- I would be reluctant to go to a wedding if I had work the next day! I think I will do it on Sat the 28th which should hopefully suit everyone image x

  • Ahh lovely, yes I know Burwash - my dad knows it especially well because he used to do his milk-round there many years ago!

    I think for us most of the major things are now sorted - we are getting married in our village church, followed by a marquee reception where we live - have lovely countryside and a field next to the river, and we're having afternoon tea. I'm just working on all of the smaller touches now - making bunting and decorating jam jars image Our colour scheme is pastels and floral - I've got 4 bridesmaids 2 in pale pink, and 2 in pale yellow.

    Wow 8 bridesmaids! Yep Pinterest is definitely great, although there are soo many ideas on there you'll be spoilt for choice!


  • JosaJosa Posts: 93

    Such a small world! That sounds lovely- we too will be having a marquee image and as I am having a Catholic church wedding I hope to get permission off a CofE priest to have it in a local old CofE church as lets face it- they are way nicer than the modern Catholic churches!I know- 8 bridemaids is a lot! I just couldnt make it a smaller number as they all mean so much to me and I love having my girls around! Your colour scheme sounds lovely- I love the personal touches like decorating jam jars and making bunting! Are you having an evening party later on in the day or finishing at tea time? x

  • Haha I know! Yep, we're having a fish and chip van and a disco in the evening image And some lawn games for the afternoon, I hope the weather will be ok! Which church would that be? x

  • JosaJosa Posts: 93

    Ahh that sounds lovely!!! Are you having a band or dj or both? I think I'm more of a dj girl myself! Well there's a really pretty one opposite the park called St Philips and I'm going to look at the one in burwash village, Stonegate and I'll check out Herons Ghyll (the only old and pretty Catholic Church near me!) are you having a CofE ceremony? are you having hymns? If so which ones have you gone for? Argh so much to think about! X

  • Haha there is a lot to think about, but it's fun! I've got a wedding scrapbook I used to put ideas together image I'm definitely a DJ girl - that's all we're having, although we are having a string quartet playing throughout the reception drinks and afternoon tea. Yes, we are having a CofE ceremony, the hymns we have chosen are All Things Bright and Beautiful, For the Beauty of the Earth and Great is thy Faithfulness. I think the tune for them is quite easy to pick up if guests don't know them!

    We've only recently chosen those so you don't really need to worry until closer to the time! Have you definitely set your date yet? x

  • JosaJosa Posts: 93

    Yeh dj all the way- I've noticed bands always play such cliche songs- your just gaurenteed to have 'brown eyed girl' on there and all the rest *yawn*

    That sounds good- luckily my mum is litetally more catholic than the pope so I can leave her with the churchy things lol! Yes it's sat 28th may 2016 which is a bank hol so hopefully that'll work for everyone! Just have to hope it's a nice day weather wise - I don't hold out to much hope- English summers are pretty shite image oh well- u never know! X


  • My daughter is getting married April 30th 2016 and when they booked it they didn't realise it was early May BH, as it happens a lot of people are happy about this because the wedding is in Cornwall and we leave in Staffordshire, eldest daughter lives in Norwich and other people live in Wales and Derbyshire. Having the extra day helps people especially teachers travelling back home.

    I am slightly worried about the logistics because we have elderly grandparents to transport down and also dogs are invited !! 

  • shelldoddsshelldodds Posts: 2,679

    Our wedding was 5 years ago (eek how did that happen?!)  We got married on the 11th of June.  Every single day for a week leading up to the wedding it rained and rained... but I woke up on the day to gorgeous blue skies and it was boiling!!!  You can't plan around the UK weather, but just hope for the best image  Just try not to worry about it and buy wellies and nice umbrella's just in case!  Regardless I'm sure you'll have an awesome day!  x

    ps. I have a new website so I'm spamming everyone sorry, there's a link below... I would love "real brides" feedback if you have a minute!!

  • Not all bands play such "cliche" tracks,  only the tacky ones. 

  • MrsWPtobeMrsWPtobe Posts: 435

    Im getting married 28th May this year! A month away! Eek! We chose it because it falls in half term and a lot of our family members are teachers so it was easier and seemed more logical to do it then as they (and the kids) wouldn't be in school and it was more realistic that the other guests could book a day off/would be off work because their children were off. I'm fingers crossed for pleasant weather but you never know! 

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