Getting Married 2017!!


I am getting married on 15th Sep 2017! It seems so long away and I have already booked with a package venue, therefor most things are covered. (No need to find photographer, cake designer, florist etc) as all included, just a matter of picking out your choices, however, I feel I want to start doing more just now. I have a Pinterest Board which has LOTS of my ideas for dresses, colours, favours, invitations etc. But I want to start actually doing something!

I feel it's too early for me to go dress shopping as I plan to lose at least 2 dress sizes by the time of my dress fitting so I wouldn't get a right feel/look of what I wanted.

Anyone else getting married in 2017 & actively doing planning right now? 



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    i suggest you'd prepare garments for wedding now.

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    We're getting married in June 2017 and like you we've booked the venue and photographer but as yet we haven't told anyone as we think its too early to tell them but I'm dying to tell someone as waited a long time for this ha ha!!

    I was thinking of maybe this time next year to start looking for wedding dresses as I'm joining Slimming World next week as wanting to lose my baby weight before the day.

    I am looking into vows and readings now though as I want to make sure I choose the right ones and not rush into it ha ha!!   I'm struggling with a reading though as I want something that mentions our daughter the three of us becoming one if that makes sense.

    Its sooo exciting isn't it?!


  • I would say it's too early for wedding dresses particularly if you want to drop 2 sizes.  I've seen lots of girls on here upset because they changed their mind when a new style came out.  I started planning with 3 years to go (2013 for July 16) but have still not got the dress for this reason.

    Things can change, like colour scheme etc, but I did start buying a few bits and bobs, with the reasoning that if I did change my mind I would only lose a few £ or be able to sell them.  For example I got a wire wedding arch to decorate, vintage keys, glass vases from jumble sales etc.  I would recommend if you are dying to get started, start small but not with the dress.


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    Thanks everyone!

    I'm going to start a little scrapbook of ideas just now! I think I might go dress shopping but not buying, just looking. :) also looking at invitation ideas :)



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