Recommend Wedding Planning Organisers, Notebooks, Planners or Journals please.

Hello everyone!

I recently got engaged and love reading all the helpful posts on the forum. Thanks to everyone for making it such a resource!

I'm looking to buy a good wedding planner or organiser.

I need a book/notebook/journal where I can make lists, reminders etc. I also need one that has suggestions and tips for successful wedding planning as I don't intend on getting a wedding planner. 

Am I looking for two different books? Is an excel spread sheet ie soft copy folder what I need?

I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Thank you!


  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I have looked a variety of (rather expensive) planning books and binders and I didn't really like any of them. They all seemed too broad in scope (to try to accommodate every wedding under the sun) so that the lists and ideas became overwhelming. They were also incredibly unwieldy! Not the kind of thing you could pop in your tote bag or purse, or leave out on your desk at work without being incredibly obvious!

    What I did for my previous wedding seemed to work well. I bought a poly expandable file and made tabs for the major items (florist, venue, caterer, dress, etc). I put business cards, magazine clips, contracts, etc in them as appropriate, In the front pocket, I tore out the timeline from a wedding magazine and kept that handy. It worked well.

    I think for a small event like what I'm putting together for next year, a simple notebook with a calendar pre-printed in it, with the same magazine timeline torn out and pasted inside, should suffice, as long as it has a pocket in the front. But for a bigger event, I definitely recommend the poly expandable folder system.  

    There are certainly "prettier" options out there, but I just didn't find them as functional. And while I love reading wedding magazines (and using this site), I personally am not the type that's going to try to read a book on it.  Good luck!

  • I think an Excel Spreadsheet is best for all your notes. None of the planning books I saw either covered everything I needed or had bits I didn't need (and as a perfectionist I like to fill in a page if it's there!). Things like budgets, guest lists, suppliers have also changed as I have moved along with the planning process and any notebook would be full of scribbles/crossing-outs by now and not the prettiest reminder! I did receive one as a gift and I think I will fill it in at the end of the wedding process when I have everything finalized and can do it all neatly. Excel is great for having on your laptop when you're at work too, I copy tabs to new workbooks so I can email them over to bridesmaids, groom etc when I need their input. x

  • I have a House Stark (from Game of Thrones) notepad that I'm using, which is a bit funny if you know what happened at the Red Wedding.  And I use Google drive for my spreadsheets.

  • loolah1loolah1 Posts: 396

    I just bought myself a hard back note book which is full of lists I have made.

    My fiance has nicknamed it the Bible!

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