Choosing a Photographer

Hello and congratulations on getting married!

As a wedding photographer I get asked for tips on how to find the right photographer for a couple. Of course I would love them all to say me, but in case they choose someone else here are some helpful tips.

Top Tips to finding a wedding photographer


Check the photographer is free on your wedding day.

Go through all the photographs on the photographer’s website, every photographer has their own style and artistic eye.

How much does it cost?

Meet the photographer and ask to see a few printed photographs, books. This gives you the chance to see the photo’s first hand and get a feel of who the photographer is.

How many images will you receive?

How will you be given the images?

What is the resolution of the images? JPEG Resolution – Low, medium and high resolution. This is the amount of detail that the photograph will contain. A typical Low res image will only be printable to the size of a credit card. Medium res would print to the size of a postcard. High res images are normally set by the photographer to enable you to print up to A4 paper size. Top Tip – never accept anything less than high resolution images.

What is the copy write on the images? There are 3 main types: Photographer owns all images and you must pay for each one to be printed. (this could be a very expensive option) You choose a set number (anything from 50-100 images) from a large selection that you a free to print. Anything extra costs more money. You receive all images on a CD/USB that you are free to print yourself. Top Tip – always go for the 3

How long until you receive the photographs?

I hope this is helpful, for details on my wedding packages please look here,

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