such a mess when you begin to plan a wedding

  I met my fiance at college. We fell in love with each other since 2012. And finally, we decided to get married. It is easier to make a decision than make a decision come true.

  I started to search on different websites to try to figure out where should we start with the wedding. After several days searching, I make my mind to order my dresses first. You know, dresses may need more time for altering.

  This is the beginning of my terrible experience. This is first wedding dress I get from a online shop. 



My heart was broke when i try it on. It is too small on me. Of course, i know it is hard for a person who has the same pear shape like me to get a dress fit perfect. Fortunately, the dress is wonderful and good quality. So I contact the customer service to help solving this problem . And they promise to re-make a new one for me. However, I need to pay for the shipping fee. That is really nice and helpful. 


  So I am waiting for the new dress now. And i do not know what to do next. Hope everything will be fine. Even though i am looking forward to my perfect wedding. Hope can get suggestions from you guys.


  • Hi Sophia,

    I'm near the end of wedding planning (getting married in September). Have you picked a date yet? If not I would give yourself at least a year to organise everything. From my humble experience I would recommend doing things in roughly this sort of order:

    Budget (so you know how much you can allocate to everything)
    Theme (if you're having one - I didn't worry about the theme, my partner and I just chose elements we both liked and went with it)
    Bridesmaids & Best man (also choose who you would like to be ushers/flower girls/page boy if applicable)
    Guest list (very rough at this stage but good to get an idea of numbers and see how it works with your budget and good for next item)
    Venue (for marriage and reception)
    Catering (if not included with the venue)
    Accommodation (for yourself and guests, is there enough/where is it etc. Can you get a deal by block reserving a group of rooms?)
    Dress which you have already done so no worries there :-)
    Save the date (not everyone does these but it's a good way to let your guests know not to be busy that day)
    Entertainment (are you having a DJ or similar at your reception?)
    Rings (are you buying off the shelf or having these made etc)
    Honeymoon (if you're having one, when and getting it booked early)
    Photographer (if applicable - they get booked up early as I found out!)
    Videographer (if applicable, we didn't bother with one)
    Hair & makeup stylists (you can do your own but it's nice to be pampered on your day and these get booked up early too)
    Stationary (do you want it all to be matching/are you getting it printed or doing it all yourself? This would be invites, place settings etc)
    Sending out the invites
    Website (a lot of couples set up a wedding website to inform their guests what is going on)
    Wedding cake (shop around, worst case scenario you get to try a lot of cake!)
    Flowers (start shopping around to get the best deals)
    Other outfits & shoes (grooms suit and for the other important people in your wedding, bridesmaids, groomsmen, fathers if applicable etc)
    Tranport to and from the wedding (for yourself and your guests if it's needed)

    That's all I can think of from the top of my head - I'm sure there may be other things I have missed but the biggest thing Ihave learnt is YOU CANNOT BOOK ANYTHING TOO EARLY, but you CAN book it too late.

    Good luck! x




    Thank you soooooo much! Your information really helps. One more questions, I have to order 7 bridesmaid dresses. And I have no idea where to get cheap but good ones. Hope you can give me some advice.

  • I only have two bridemaids so not sure sure how helpful this will be but we got our dresses in the sale from House of Fraser online store, click and collect.

    I recommend trying ASOS (huge selection and varying prices plus you can return them easily if the size/style isn't quite what you imagined) we tried a lot of dresses from here.

    TK Maxx - you're not likely to get 7 the same in one store but if you find one that looks good (and fits etc) you can get them to call other stores to see if they have the same dress in stock and reserve them.

    Any large department store John Lewis, Debenhams, House of Fraser etc - not always the cheapest but again very good with returns if something isn't quite right plus you're more likely to find 7 the same if you look online.

    With 7 bridesmaids the same I'd probably do the dress shopping earlier rather than later.

    Hope this helps x

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