Any winter brides in the Hastings area?

Hi all!

I am in the first stages of starting my new business which is called 'Write Our Wedding' where I will be offering a Wedding Journalism service. Basically, my job is to add another layer of detail to the memories of your big day! 

I spent so many hours and days and weeks and months planning my wedding and all the tiny details and I would just have loved to have known what people said and thought when they saw them all. I would have loved to know how they were received by someone else. And I would have loved to have received a personalised report in the weeks after my wedding reminding me of all the little details and providing me with information that I might have missed on the day! 

This is what led me to the idea of reporting other people's weddings for them! I have been an English teacher for 8 years now and have a passion for reading and writing. I cannot think of any job I would enjoy more than writing about beautiful weddings! 

I would love to find a bride who would like to work with me!


I would be offering my services for a one-off price of £200. This price would include:

-My attendance from an hour before the ceremony until your first dance (or a time of your choosing)

- A personalised wedding report which you will have the opportunity to edit twice. 

- A digital copy of your wedding report.


I am afraid that due to my full time job, I would only be able to consider a weekend wedding in the Hastings area. Ideally, your wedding would take place in November or early December. I would also need you to be happy for me to use your report in advertising my new business. 

If this is something which interests you, please comment below and I will contact you with an example of my writing to see if you would like to proceed. 

Many thanks for reading this post and enjoy your big days! It really will be the most fabulous day of your life! 

Clare x

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