Hello. Were hoping to marry next year inns church I just wondered if anyone knew if we both had to pay to get banns read or just one payment for the both of us? Also what else do I need to pay for in a church wedding? Thank-you 


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    You need to attend for at least 6 months beforehand (once a month will usually do but a lot some churches want to build a relationship with the couple before they put you in the register. Depending on where you and your partner have attended/been baptised depends on where you have to get your banns read, this also depends on where your registered as living. I'd you live within the parish of the church you intend to get married in (and you're both registered at the address) you only have to pay once. Best advice I can give would be to have a look on your church and pop along to your local church and speak to your vicar. They will be able to give you the info you need specific to your church. I've put a link below to some info about banns. Good luck and congratulations on your wedding planing!

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    Our church wedding is costing just under £600. We are getting our banns read in two different churches due to me not being from the same parish as h2b and we are getting married in his parish/family church, so I've had to get mine read at my local church.

    Like Mrs2bWP says go along to your local church and have a chat with the vicar- they'll be able to give you any info. you need.

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    If you live in separate parishes they have to be read in both.  Presuming the church you want to marry in in one of your parishes they include bans cost in the wedding fee, ours was £608 and £40 to have bans read at other parish.    To get married in the church if you don't live in the parish you would have to have a connection, ie mothers/granparents church. If no connection it is likely that they will expect you to attend a number of services leading up to wedding.    Churches book well in advance so get your date down n vicar/priest will explain it all. X

  • We are getting married in a church in our hometown (we had a qualifying connection as it is Church of England and the grooms parents were married there so didn't need to attend for 6 months). We had to have the banns read in our local parish church in London which cost about £40 for three Sundays. We then gave this certificate to our Reverend in the church we're getting married in.

    Our church wedding (including bell ringing) is costing about £800 and there is no mention of being charged for the banns reading at the same church we're getting married in so I'm working on the asumption that it will be included in the above cost.

    Hope this helps! Good Luck.


    PS/Banns reading is declaring the couple that intend to marry so one payment for the announcement for both of you.

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