How to set up a wedding website?


i want want to create a wedding website for the guests as my wedding is abroad so want to have a place where I can put flights, hotels and what to do in the area etc.

any recommendations on where to do that?

thanks in advance 


  • I am using appy couple. You do have to pay $35 to use it. I chose it was because I wasn't a great fan of the free websites I found and also with appy couple you get an app that mirrors your website which I quite liked. It's been easy to use so far but I haven't made it live for guests yet.

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    we have been using wordpress - just google 'wordpress wedding website' and you will get some templates. admittedly, you have to pay if you want a more extravagant design, but even the basic pages are perfectly functional and tasteful! :)

  • SunszajnSunszajn Posts: 88

    Thanks girls :)

  • James46James46 Posts: 41

    wordpress is a nice choice!!believe me!

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