Help! Giving notice tomorrow, can't find decree absolute!

Hi Ladies,

I'm new here and just signed up especially as i'm in a panic. So my fiance and i are meant to be giving notice at 11.30am tomorrow but i haven't a copy of my decree absolute from my first (ill fated) marriage! I realised i couldn't find it on wednesday so rang the county court which issued it. I had the reference number etc from my decree nisi and financial order thing so not a problem. Paid £10 for it to be resent first class but got home today and still not here. The receptionist at the county court was quite unconcerned and said it would be fine for the person at the giving notice tomorow to just ring them to check my divorce was finalised. What do you think? How strict are they when giving notice? We've taken the day off work tomorrow especially.

Any advice/reassurance appreciated....


Helen xx

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