keeping costs down!!!

Hey ladies,


I am so new to all of this!! got engaged last Friday, today we booked the church! 

wedding isn't until 13th May 2017 but I just wanted some advise!! We have quite a large number of people to invite to the evening but not so much to the actual day. How do you all manage to keep costs down? 


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    Congratulations  so exciting!

    We booked our wedding last October, our wedding is in March and believe me it will fly in!

    The best advice I can give is to make sure you shop around - don't be too impulsive in booking suppliers etc. (unless you are certain on a specific person/company) you might find that you get discount in Jan sales (I did), and don't be afraid to try and compromise a price. I found that telling people you are on a tight budget alone will encourage most suppliers to knock a bit off the price. I managed to get a discount on pretty much everything by doing this (we genuinely are trying to stick to a budget, not fibbing

    We are the same in the fast that we have only 55 day guests but around 150-170 evening guests, so we are paying a bit more for the evening and having a photobooth as well as a DIY candy buffet, rather than paying for favours which we felt made more sense than something our guests may just leave on the table. I'm also doing a lot of DIY and have managed to save hundreds of ££ on the invitations alone. It was a bit stressful when I was pushed for time near the end so allow plenty of time if you do decide to make your own!

    Other than that, enjoy the planning!

  • Thank you for your reply! I bet you are so excited now!!

    yes, that's what I'm worried about, time just disappearing!! we are visiting our venue on saturday so I guess I'll then find out if we can choose our own supplier of dj etc. It's in a Manor House/hotel so I'm hoping they'll still allow us to have a photo booth. I need to have a good old think abut favours! As im not sure what I like!! 


    How many bridemaids are you having? 


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    I'm getting married  In June and we are on a tight budget. My tip is that you're going to come across a lot of little things that you will want (me wanting things like massive Mr and Mrs light up letters costing almost £400 to hire), leave's not what you're going to remember about the day and those things add up. Unless you've set money aside in your budget of course!!! which I really haven't. I've had to bring myself back to reality so many times!!!  Now looking into live bands though we have booked a dj. I'm the Worst for it. Of course I'm not saying don't have these things.. But since planning I've noticed alot of people asking if we've got all these little extras that start making me think about them but they cost hundreds!!!

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    Oh wow I totally echo what Mdev says above! I went into this planning process thinking right, where are my priorities, and only spending money on things that are important to us. But now as above I am looking at extravagant venue decorations, bands, entertainment, accessories, outfits etc its crazy. Do some research, make a budget and stock to it! You might be a much stronger person then I, but you may also get carried away with spending as companies make it so easy and irresistible! 

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    My advice on these sorts of threads is always to see whether you have friends and/or family that can help you out with things. My Mum's work (a newspaper) made our invites and her photographer did our pictures. My Mum's best friend did the alterations on my dress and my granny and godmother jointly made my cake. 

    Another friend of my Mums arranged flowers as a hobby so she did our flowers! 

    Can honestly say that everything looked beautiful and although I didn't have the top suppliers in the area for everything (and the ability to say that I had!) it meant that we could spend a little bit more on the stuff that was really important to us


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    My advice would be don't buy anything too soon as I can guarantee you'll end up changing your mind! I ended up with two wedding dresses, two wedding rings, around 5 tiaras etc. Lol! All because I rushed in too far in advance of the wedding. It's obviously ended up costing me more in the end.


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    Congratulations! How exciting! You are super organised if you have already booked your church 

    My words of wisdom for keeping costs down would be:

    - Decide what is important to you and H2B so you don't jump into any decisions you may regret later. You have plenty of time on your hands so research your options and prices for suppliers. I would suggest you sort your photographer before anything else - don't scrimp on your photos as those will be the only lasting memory you'll have of your day once it's over. Once you have a definite budget for your photographer, you'll be in a better position to decide where else to spend your money. 

    - I've noticed you mentioned wanting a photobooth and thinking about your favours. Go for the photobooth if it's really important to you, but leave things like favours/table decorations until a lot closer to the day when you know your final numbers and what budget you have left. Ultimately, these aren't the things your wedding is remembered for. I totally agree with bella2015 on that one. I guarantee you will find that some aspects of your wedding will cost more than you planned for, and they are always the more important parts. You don't want to lose out on something you really want because you bought a nice set of tea light holders for the tables/some 'cute' favours that some of your guests may pop in a drawer and never get out again!

    - When booking your dress appointments, check the costs of the dresses with the boutique before you go. Nothing worse than trying on your dream dress and it being way over budget (although remember what I said about some things costing more than you expect?!). Oh, and check the sale rail. Even though I wasn't on a super tight budget, I found my dress in the sale section which saved me £1000!

    - If you are having bridesmaids, decide how you're going to split costs. For me, I am having two bridesmaids so I can afford to pay for their dresses and their hair and make up on the day. It's better to be up front about costs with your BMs if you want them to pay for some things themselves. You don't want to be guilt-tripped into parting with money you can't afford to spend to keep them happy!

    Enjoy all of your planning - you have come to the right place  x

  • I am in the same boat. So far the best advice I got was about bridesmaid gifts. People are buying Turkish peshtemal towels as gifts and decorations. I will post here as i get more advice. Try these guys out for the towels. They have good selection and prices.

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