Indian and English mixed wedding


I'm new and think I originally posted this in the wrong forum so I will hopefully have some luck here!

I'm an indian bride and my H2B is English. We are going to plan on fitting everything into one day by having a short 1 hour Hindu ceremony (just the important bits) in the late morning, take a change of outfit break and then have a civil ceremony in the afternoon which will lead to a Dinner and drink reception.

My current dilemas are:

The date: As it is a Hindu wedding my mother is stressing that it has to be "certain days" for religious reasons and apparently you can't have a Hindu wedding on a Saturday because its a "bad day" which then means I need to do this on a bank holiday in April or May which most have probably already been booked up as I'm worried if I do a non-holiday Sunday than my guests wont stay late for the Reception. On top of that those bank holidays have to be deemed a "good day" but a Hindu priest- this is really stressing me out because I'm choosing a really popular date and waiting for a priest can delay the venue booking process. Does anyone have any experiences with this Auspicious days? 

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