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Please help with proposal!

hi everyone,

my and my girlfriend are going on holiday to Iceland in February and I will be proposing.

we have had an amazing 6 year journey (only been officially together for 2 years but we had a very romantic history) and she has dreamed of a perfect proposal and perfect wedding so I want it to be right.

only problem is that I can't decide what would be more romantic from a girls point of view. We are going on a northern lights tour and this is something i would love to Propose under, although I feel this may be clichè.

the other option is that we are going on a snowmobile tour and when we stop in the snow desert to get photos, this is another option for me to get down on one knee.

which do you think she would find more romantic? Got to be honest, Iceland is a country I have alot of history with as I have Icelandic roots but I don't want her to feel that I have taken an easy and non prepared route into proposal... Please help!!!


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Pre-emptive congratulations!!

    From my perspective the northern lights would be the most romantic- however is that one a bit risky? Are you guarenteed to see the lights? Who cares if it's cliche, it's seriously romantic.

    Just take into consideration the fact you are on a tour as well- will there be other people around? Will it be too busy or rushed for you to feel like proposing? My fiance proposed to me at Neuschwanstein castle in Germany (also a tad cliche but who cares, it's a fairytale castle). We were on a tour and he got totally stressed as they kept rushing us around and ruining any plans he had of proposing! (he told me afterwards). Finally we got some free time when he did it, but there was still people around and he said he would have prefered a quieter spot. So do consider how your girlfriend will feel if there's people around to witness the proposal. I didn't mind the few people around as they all congratulated us (someone even cried!), but I would have hated a huge crowd with all eyes on us. Some girls would love an audience, some would hate anyone at all to be there- you know her best!

    If you plan to do it on the lights tour, do get in contact with the tour operator in advance and ask them how is best to do it, or even if they can help you engineer it! My fiance didn't, and although the proposal was lovely I know he was kicking himself on the day for not planning it better.

    Have you bought the ring yet?

  • Congratulations!! How wonderful! I personally don't think it should be too setup. The fact that you are on holiday together will be special for both of you. My OH proposed on holiday in Cyprus. He planned to do it on the 2nd night at sunset (after we had checked out the best spots on the first night without me knowing) but he said it just didn't feel right. It took him almost a week in the end as he was waiting for the right time, the right location and no one around watching us. 

    To be honest, in the end, he could've proposed in the middle of a shopping centre and I still wouldve been over the moon! As sammykate mentioned, you know her best and what she would like. But dont be too rigid with your plans, you might decide something completely different when you are there and in the moment!

    good luck! You must report back and let us know how you get on!! 😊

  • How exciting - your fiancee to be is a very lucky lady!

    It's lovely that you want to make the proposal special for her but I would say let it happen naturally - you'll find a moment when it feels just right :)

    My fiance took me to Hamburg last year to propose and he planned to propose on a boat trip but completely didn't take account of how busy it would be. So he changed his mind and planned to propose by the river in the evening - that also didn't happen because there was a rowdy group of teenagers there! So he eventually got down on one knee outside the revolving door of our hotel! It doesn't sound very romantic but honestly, it was so special and makes for a funny story!

    Try not to put any pressure on yourself - do it when it feels right. Good luck!!!

  • Kim90Kim90 Posts: 183

    We were in Iceland for a week and only got a glimmer of the northern lights...I think I would have the ring with me and do it at a time that feels right! Good luck..and you will love Iceland

  • This is so lovely that you are giving it so much thought and care. I'm sure your fiancee will be delighted however you choose to do it. Mine had not planned a precise moment as such but did it when it felt right to him (we were on a vintage steam train trip for my birthday) and it was just lovely. You will know the moment when it feels right!

    Definitely report back we all love a good engagement story!! Good luck! xx

  • Wow thank you so much for all the responses!!! I know it seems I'm over thinking but I'm stupidly nervous haha!

    I do like the idea of getting in contact with the tour operator and asking if they know when would be best, it's a small company so it will only be a small bunch of people. I'm hoping.

    I have selected the ring but not bought it yet, there's a particular style that I want to get and it seems to be in distribution everywhere.

    i will report back 👍👍😀😀

    thanks again everyone!!!

  • To have photos of the actual moment would be perfect for anyone that i know... Such a lovely thing to look back on so maybe the snowbolie? Good luck! X

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride


    Iceland is beautiful you will have an amazing time. We didn't get to see the northern lights while there. In Feb you should have a good chance so you may be lucky. From experience I hated the northern lights tour i did. It was through Grayline. It was a huge bus and it was so cold! I know your in Iceland but we sat for hours in one place with the doors open. I would find a jeep tour and they will be able to make your proposal personal. When I go back I'm defo doing a jeep tour.

    Good luck,believe me from a girls points of view whatever you do will be amazing for her. I got engaged in my bedroom but I still wouldn't change a thing! X 

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  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    Definitely get in touch with the tour operator to see if they can help make it as amazing as you want it to be.

    I definitely agree with Emily54 - when we went to Iceland our Northern Lights tour was on a huge coach so wouldn't be romantic at all, but a jeep tour would definitely be better!

     No matter what you decide to do she will be thrilled - I don't think i've ever met a woman who hasn't loved where they got engaged as its a very special moment, and every single one is unique. 

    Iceland is an amazing country & with you having heritage there it is definitely the perfect place for you to propose - Good Luck! 

  • Priyam-Priyam- Posts: 21

    you know about that girl dream proposal very much but do want you will be able to do, that will be a perfect proposal

  • Guys - Just to let you know! I SAID YES!!
    Cant believe I'll be marrying my best friend.
    He decided to do it under the Northern Lights in the end (obviously I had NO idea!)
    We had an amazing display, they were so bright and beautiful! Our group was only small and we went and found our own little spot together anyways so we could have a cuddle (It was absolutley freezing)
    It was beautiful, He got his Knee all covered in snow and popped the question.... Were getting married In November 2017. Plans are already on the go!!! :)

    Ive attached a few piccys for you guys.



    A photo of the Northern Lights from the night he asked :)



    The Morning After! My ring is beautiful :)



    We took this photo for the Facebook announcement (We all have to do one!)

    It was only a few nights ago he told me that he had posted on here for advice - too cute!

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Oh wow! Congratulations X 

  • JdotJJdotJ Posts: 196 New bride

    So lovely, congrats to you both!


  • KirBeKirBe Posts: 1,161 New bride

    Congratulations xx

    Married October 2016
    TTC since May 2016

    'Shout out to all of us fighting a battle that most people will never understand'
  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    Yay congratulations to you both! Wishing you a life time of happiness together xx 

  • MrsStateMrsState Posts: 178 New bride

    Awwwww this is lovely! Congratulations!!

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    So lovely to hear about the proposal! Congratulations 

    Hope you will stick around and share your wedding plans! 

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,345 New bride

    Congratulations xx

  • MrsMannMrsMann Posts: 757 New bride

    This is so cute! Hope to hear about wedding plans soon!

  • Too cute! what a lovely fiancé you have! Congrats! Beautiful pictures! :)

  • Brilliant!!!! Congratulations to you both. You have such a thoughtful fiancé - and he picked an awesome ring!!

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I think this is my favourite proposal story of all time!

    Congratulations to both of you x

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