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I am looking to have a marquee for my wedding and would love any recommendations to fancy, really amazing marquee companies please?



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    I can't recommend a particular marquee company, but several of the ladies on here have used them. Do a search for Emilyrose. She was a bride from last year (I think) that had an absolutely gorgeous marquee wedding.

    I will warn you that the costs associated with a marquee are shocking. We were planning that kind of event until I started to pull all of the costs together and realized that after the dozens upon dozens of rental items I would need, that it was going to be MUCH cheaper to have the event in an existing building (i.e. a pub, restaurant, hotel). Congrats if your budget can accommodate it, I'm jealous .

    Let me know if you want more info on what pulling together this kind of event entails. I've already done the research, and sadly, won't be going in this direction. I would be happy to share it with you.

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    Here's a link to her wedding report:

    Gorgeous wedding and a great read, esp if you are thinking of a marquee wedding!

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    Hey Kitten2014, thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 

    I will deffo have a look on Emilyrose's link, thanks so much.

    I would love it if you could share the info on putting a marquee wedding together as at the mo I have no idea.. I am lucky as I have the budget but I am just fed up of the venues charging so much for food/drink when my family has a cookery school & my best friend has trade cost for alcohol.. so quite lucky in that sense, would make sense to use them if possible rather than paying extortionate amounts for food/drinks and corkage etc..

    Thanks so much!


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    Obviously rates are going to vary by region, but all together, our rentals totaled about 1200 for JUST the following:

    -the use of the marquee, set-up and takedown labor provided, tent itself to be 20' x 30'. This was not the fancier kind of tent with the door, windows, and sides. Just a plain white tent top.

    -installation/ use of tent liner (so as not to look at the ugly structural elements)

    -"Twinkle" lights, spaced every 3' (this was almost 500 alone! and would not have been enough lighting on its own as the event went into the evening hours. We would have had to also rent some additional lighting)

    -(9) Round banquet size/style tables

    -(48) (very ugly needing to be covered) white vinyl chairs

    -Additional labor for decorating at 75(!) per hour.

    -Additional labor for "unforseen conditions" at 75 per hour. In other words, if the set-up or takedown took longer than they budgeted for, they reserved the right to invoice us for the extra time. 

    I couldn't believe how much just these few items cost and we weren't even covering everything!  I figured we would also need the following:

    -Additional lighting; twinkle lights alone would not have been enough light as the event went into the evening hours. Candles might have been an option, but those still have a cost attached, and I wasn't sure how much I wanted candles in the event guests got tipsy. I also don't think candles alone would have yielded enough light.

    -Portable heaters, for the evening hours when it gets chilly. There are very few nights in our area that don't get chilly even in summer. We have one bonfire pit on our property, but that wouldn't be enough for but for a small group.

    -Portable toilets, because I didn't want everyone using our indoor toilet. I also didn't want there to be guests constantly queuing up and waiting.

    -FOOD! Obviously. And drink. From the catering companies I looked at, this was going to be a few thousand more. My OH suggested doing a BBQ ourselves, which I wasn't in love with, although it would have been quite cheap. The idea of cooking for days before and him at the grille for the better part of the event was not very appealing. I really wanted us to have a chance to enjoy the days before and relax knowing everything was handled, so this would have been quite the opposite.

    -Decor. I was going to pick the wildflowers that grow in our area and pop them into containers I saved, so this would have been cheap. But the flowers here bloom quite late in the year when the bugs are at their I probably would have needed to purchase some kind of table decor.

    -Chair covers. As mentioned, the chairs were not attractive!

    -Linens. I really didn't want plastic table cloths, so getting cloth was going to be an added rental cost.

    -Flatwear, plates, etc. If we used a catering company, this was included in their costs. If we did the DIY BBQ, we would need to rent them.  There are HE-looking options out there now in disposable, but I just really didn't want paper and plastic.

    -Coolers. Again, if we used a catering company, they would provide them. If we did the DIY BBQ, we would need to buy coolers and ice. We own a few coolers, but not enough. Buying those large tin feeding toughs (new obviously) is cute and outdoorsy, but still expensive. Coolers are phenomenally expensive!

    We budgeted another 5k minimum for these items, but this was probably low considering most catering estimates were between 2-4k depending on the menu selected. We aren't big drinkers, so this also included a very conservative alcohol budget, which may not have been adequate for some families.

    This was also taking into consideration doing this on our own land, which was how the whole idea came about in the first place. We though this would save money, but as it turns out, doing this somewhere indoors will be cheaper!

    I wrote a bit more, but in darn Y&YW forum-fashion, it deleted it!

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    Hey kitten2014, sorry for the delay I hadn't seen you'd posted..


    Thank you so much for all of the info, i am going to do my research now and see how much it's coming out at. So far, I've had one quote for a really really fancy marquee and all the bits included but it was coming out at 11k!!!!! so i'm rethinking my marquee preferences  ;-)


    Thank you very much for all of your help! I'm going to get on the case now! :-)



  • Hi Stephanie134,

    We have a range of beautiful marquees that are just a bit different from the usual pvc clearspan with pleated linings.  From the newer sailcloth tents (sometimes known as Sperry tents), to traditional canvas marquees, take a look at our website - for more inspiration. We provide clear quotes for all our tents, with a list of (priced) extras that you can choose to add if you wish - naturally we can make genuine recommendations based on the nature of the site that you are considering, guest numbers and so on.

    We work throughout the UK and are happy to travel, but if you're looking for a marquee that's a bit different but doesn't cost the earth, we're certainly worth a call!  We can also point you in the direction of a number of other great suppliers to help with your planning from there.

    I hope to speak with you soon,

    Best of luck with your planning,

    Jenny at Shades


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    Hi Stephanie, 

    If your looking too get an idea of prices I would suggest looking at They have a really good packages page with a full list of prices to make it really easy to understand.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have anymore questions 


    Emily x

  • Hi Stephanie134, try to contact a company that provides hire marquee Essex based services. You not only get a good wedding venue, you’ll also get a team of people to help you organise your wedding. You are rest assured that your wedding will go smoothly as planned if you get their services. Congratulations on your wedding!


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