Catholic Wedding Blessing

To get to the point!

My H2B is a practicing Catholic and I am a divorced Protestant!!! As we are unable to marry in the Catholic Church (due to me being divorced) we have opted for a blessing of our marriage and making this our 'main event'.

We get married the day before, just us and two family members at or local registry office and then the day after we will have our marriage blessed in my H2B church.  All our family and friends will be invited to this and after the blessing we will move to our venue for our reception.

My problem is I am unable to find out the order of which a Catholic blessing takes place.  My H2B is reluctant to 'mither' the Priest for details which in turn is putting me off contacting him to ask. Don't get me wrong, I have met the Priest and he is really nice, just busy and a little vague on details!  He really only wanted to speak with me about annulling my previous marriage, which I wont be doing BTW.

So... after all my waffling, is there any of you lovely people out there who can help with how a Catholic blessing pans out?  Are there readings? Is there music? Do we walk down the isle together? Do we arrive after our guests?  Any guidance anyone can give would be most appreciated.

Thank you all in advance xx 


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    I'm not too sure on the details but each diocese has its own marriage team who run stuff like the marriage classes you do. I bet they'll be able to help out. If you give the diocesan head office a call, they should be able to help out. We foind them really helpful when the priest local to our venue refused to marry us as we live 300 miles away.... 

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    Aww thank you... that's fab advice and I really wouldn't of thought of that.  I shall scout them out straight away and see if they can help.

    I hope you managed to get sorted btw....  its a funnly old thing, the church!! xx

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    I contacted the Diocesan and they could not help!!!!   Not even with the basic outline of how the service might run.

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    WHAT? How useless are they?! Hmmm. It could be worth emailing the priest as the parish secretary is usually quite helpful and they tend to pick up the emails. You could ask to go in and see him and then just really pull the information you want out of him. It is a tough one and each parish and priest are a law unto themselves! Our priest managed to book our wedding for the wrong year initially, so I do feel your pain. I"m not sure what else to suggest.. The Pope is on twitter, could be worth a shot ;-) 


    Good luck and let me know how you get on x

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    Thank you K1984,

    I tried to email the Priest but his online address didn't connect (if you know what I mean).  Seems like tweeting the pope is my only option now as Father T never picks up the phone.... unless I just door step him?  

    I have been to a few Blessings in my own (Protestant) church so I think I'm just going to go with that scenario and hope for the best until we can catch up with the elusive Father T!!

    Thank you for all your help.... I'll keep you posted if he ever appears 

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    So.... Just an update in case anyone else out there comes across this and would like an answer...

    Our priest, it seems, is very relaxed about the whole thing and our blessing will run something along these lines:

    We can meet our guests at the church door as they arrive (as we will already be married).  I think this is a really nice touch.

    about 5 mins before blessing starts we will make our way to the Sacra cent with the priest and our bridesmaid (my niece who really wanted to be a bridesmaid but really we didn't require one for this part)

    As blessing starts and music plays we all make our way into the church, our bridesmaid will take a seat with the congregation and husband and I will take a seat facing the congregation at the front of the church.

    Priest says a blessing, Sister in law will do a reading, brother in law will say Bidding prayers (for non catholic's, like myself, these are standard prayers pre written, blessing the marriage and remembering loved ones who can not be there)

    Then we all trolley off for a jolly good party

    After finding this out only a week before we get married you can understand who my nerves are a little shot.  But all is good now and with it being so relaxed I'm really looking forward to it now 


  • K1984K1984 Posts: 88

    So pleased it all got sorted. Sounds like you have a lovey priest. Have a wonderful day and post some pics if you can xxx

  • Liz66Liz66 Posts: 10

    Thank you K1984.... A week today and counting.  I'm ready for a holiday!! 

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