Hello, I got engaged 3 weeks ago and have found I'm already getting addicted to this forum and I'm enjoying reading your posts.

We're looking at getting married April 2017, Easter weekend and just checking venues. We're looking at a smallish ceremony, 40 to 50 people in Manchester as it's a good place for guests and us to get to. No separate evening do but get married about 4pm and follow by drinks reception then wedding breakfast. Not sure about after that. We've both been married before so really looking at celebrating a special day with close friends and family with nice food and drink and plenty of laughter as the main focus. 

Budget set, registrar has availability so hoping to secure a venue over the next week and I can start ticking boxes.

I'm looking forward to reading your news over the coming months.


  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    Hello and welcome!

    This forum has been a lifesaver for me in planning my wedding, just 3 weeks to go for me and I am so grateful to all the brides and brides to be who have been so helpful and patient with all of my questions and rants!  So I am sure everyone will welcome you with open arms and be a massive help to all those little questions you dont know!  xx

  • TC2017TC2017 Posts: 69

    Thank you rainbooboo. Gosh 3 weeks, that's really exciting. I hope you have a fabulous day. 😀 x

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Congratulations!  Keep us posted re. your wedding pans xx

  • Hannah221Hannah221 Posts: 41

    Congratulations!    Thats lovely news.    We are having a similar wedding to you (TC2017) I think - although this will be in Northumberland and we have less guests.  

    We have booked a large house from Friday to Monday in September and have invited 25 family members (and my best friend) for the whole weekend.  we are getting married in a registry office on the Saturday with a drinks reception and wedding breakfast in a nice restaurant with a conservatory - no evening event - just back to the house for more drinks and food!   Thats the plan anyway.

    We have a huge garden in the house so hopefully be able to sit out there.

    I havent been on this forum too much until recently as started panicking that I havent organised anything!   

    Good luck with the planning - hope you find a nice venue - no doubt will see your progress on here over the next few months xx


  • TC2017TC2017 Posts: 69

    Thank you Sarah and Hannah 😀.

    Hannah your wedding plan sounds lovely, really special. I'm sure you'll have the most fantastic weekend. x

  • Monica9Monica9 Posts: 4


    I feel the same about this forum, I've found it yesterday and I already read almost every topic! I'm just sorry because I didn't find it earlier ( I really don't know how that happened). There are sooo many amazing ideas here, you ladies rock :))) 

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    Welcome to the forum, TC2017 .  You will love it here, it's definitely very addictive!

    You probably already know this as you have been married before, but your wedding is actually really coming up fast and you might want to consider getting STDs out.  You have under a year to go and you are planning the event around a holiday. Especially with a smaller group, you don't want to miss out on guests attending because they've made alternative plans. You don't need to have everything/anything booked to send out STDs, especially if you are flexible on your venue which it seems you are. (You obviously wouldn't want to send out STDs if you had your heart dead-set on a certain venue but hadn't booked it, but this doesn't seem like an issue for you.)  Just a thought!

    You should consider doing a planning thread - the forum is always in need of more of those! It makes a great little keepsake to have to look back on.

  • TC2017TC2017 Posts: 69

    Good luck with your planning Monica9.

    Thanks for the tips Kitten2014. I think you're right about the STD. I've mentioned the date to a few people but if people have it in black and white (or colour 😀) then it becomes a "real" event. 

    Venue hunting is a bit of an emotional roller coaster isn't it? Seen a great place today which we can do within budget but we will be paying a premium. My sensible head is saying we can do it considerably cheaper (and still really nicely) but feel seduced by this place. H2B is the same, he almost had a Groomzilla moment when I went into sensible mode and he was still "in the moment". We're on the same page though and going to sleep on it. 😃 X



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