Venue booked!

An exciting day. We've booked our venue and paid the deposit and provisionally booked the registrar.

Booked for 14th April 2017, (Good Friday) which I know might raise some eyebrows but after careful consideration of friends and family we'be concluded they'll enjoy starting the Bank Holiday with a celebration!

Save the dates ordered too. It's all starting to feel real 😃 X


  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    Congratulations on booking your venue, I feel like that's one of the biggest steps!

    I'm still looking at venues at the moment and feel I can't make my mind up on anything until I do that! 

    Personally I see nothing wrong with good Friday, although I'm not religious- I think it gives people a nice long weekend to recover! I always feel like I need more than a Sunday after a Saturday wedding!! 

  • TC2017TC2017 Posts: 69

    Thanks Lexi90, good luck with your venue hunting. We're away for 2 weeks at the end of July so wanted to get the venue booked. We'll do our notification of marriage before we go and then relax and sort out other arrangements after the holiday.


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,663 New bride

    I went to a wedding on good friday this year and it was great because there was extra time for travelling etc. I'm not religious though so I don't know if it would be an issue to someone who is!

  • TheLegacyofMrsMTheLegacyofMrsM Posts: 2,188 New bride

    My SIL got married in Easter Saturday, both our families are practising Christians and no one was offended by it. They had really cool ways of including it like a big vase full of Cadbury Creme Eggs. At my wedding which was April we had mini eggs as favours.

    If it was a church wedding on Good Friday I'd probably say it was a tad odd (just personal opinion) but if it was a secular wedding I wouldn't have a problem with it.

  • TC2017TC2017 Posts: 69

    Thank you Sammykate and TheLegacyofMrsM,

    out of all our guests/family I thought my mum may have disagreed but we checked first and I think she was more excited about the wedding and was fine about it. 

    I like the idea of the mini eggs, I wasn't sure about favours as prople do seem to leave them which would peck my head 😃, but pretty boxes or bags of mini eggs would be nice. X


  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,206 New bride

    I know two people who have got married on Good Friday. It's actually quite a good idea for your guests as they don't have to take time off from week and have the rest of the weekend to recover!

    Exciting times for you xxx

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,663 New bride

    The one I went to they had mini egg favours, creme egg brownies and an easter egg hunt for the kids :)

  • susan28susan28 Posts: 268

    Just thought I'd mention that on good Friday there are normally no flowers In church and statues are covered. X

  • TC2017TC2017 Posts: 69

    Thanks susan28, we're having a civil ceremony so that won't be a problem for us, but useful info for anybody else thinking of dates over Easter x

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