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me and my fiancé have finally decided to get married in Vegas I'm in the process of booking the venue - the little chapel of flowers, we are planning on going for ten days from Uk,  although have been told Vegas is really expensive? Has anyone got any tips on the venue we have chosen, hotel , bars and shows? 


  • GinetteGinette Posts: 72

    Don't get married on Thanksgiving like my H did the first time around - there was not a photographer to be had and the one they ended up with was dire.  More like a 5 year old let loose with a camera!

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    I booked and paid for some shows before we went. I didn't think it was that expensive. I did an amazing dolphin trainer for a day program at the Mirage hotel. Spent a whole day with the Dolphins swimming and playing games. 

    best tip I can give you is don't buy a drink. Play on the slots in the casino and you will get free drinks. Even alcohol. All you need to give is tip waitress X 

  • Michelle91Michelle91 Posts: 244

    We did a Grand Canyon trip, penn and teller magic show at the rio and cirque du soleil O at the bellegio. Would recommend all 3!


    we stayed at the man grand which we thoroughly enjoyed!

  • Rose EveRose Eve Posts: 31

    We went to Vegas 2 years ago for 5 nights. I'd say food and accom are cheap, especially if you are willing to leave the comfort of yhe hitel and navigate eateries on the strip. We went to see a cirque du soleil show at Treasure Island called Mystere and tickets were about £40 each. I remember other shows were alot more and dome were dirt cheap, it really does depend on what you want to see.


    My highlight of vegas was having lunch at the revolving restaurant at the top of the stratosphere. Beautiful views and nice cocktails.

  • Rose EveRose Eve Posts: 31

    Tours outside the resort- we did helicopter picnic in the grand canyon- lush. Paid about £150pp for this but it did include a limo transfer and was a once in a lifetime experience. We hired a car also and drove to Zion National Park (Utah) for the day (yes we must have been mad) but it was breathtaking. 

  • Gemma315Gemma315 Posts: 20

    im getting married in las vegas too! March 2017 what hotel are staying at?

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