He's eventually proposed.

Hi all... I'm so excited now to be a fiancée and plan a wedding. Just got engaged last weekend and planning to get married in October. We are going away for it just the 2 of us, but planning A party when we come home. I'm now on Pinterest every second of the day getting ideas, styles. My worry is now getting a dress in 4 months, I've tried WED2B they have some fab dresses in just not what a was looking for.

Is anybody else going aboard in October for there wedding? If so where too? 


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    Congrats! Wow, getting married this October? Better get planning then!

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    Oh wow, how exciting and lots to do! 🙊

    We were planning on getting married abroad October next year but have decided on the UK just because it's easier and I'm a control freak lol!

    Do you know where abouts you are going to get married, there are some beautiful places abroad! 😊

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    I agree with Sammykate - congrats and get a move on! Four months is really, really cutting it close on getting any kind of day planned. 

    If you didn't like anything at Wed2B, I would hurry to find out if there are any sample sales happening near you soon. You don't need to just find a dress, you need time for alterations and this is the busy season. (After your dress, you're going to need shoes, functional lingerie, and other accessories too.)

  • When you go into bridal shops tell them straight away that your wedding is in 4 months as quite a lot of places order in dresses for you and these can take more than 6 months... depending on the shop

  • Sample sales may be an option for you, I'm not sure where you are based but there's one near me in Cheshire on 8th July, they are beautiful there but it's too early for me to get mine as we've booked October 18  Good luck!  x

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