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Giving notice

Hey everyone.

I seem to keep getting myself all muddled up with giving notice. We've booked our ceremony for 4/11/17 but we need to give notice and book the registrar. The bit I'm getting confused about is that I live in Somerset and he is living in Wiltshire (he works in Wiltshire so lives there Mon-Fri with his parents then comes to Somerset on the weekends temporarily) and we are getting married in Wiltshire.

So does that mean I need to go and give notice in Somerset while he gives notice in Wiltshire when we both go to Wiltshire to book the registrar? Do we need to go together to give notice? Can I do all this over a year before? Or do we wait until he is living in Somerset and go together (he will be moving in in the next few months) How soon can we give notice and book a registrar? When asking the wedding planner I just seemed to get even more confused (and now the venue has changed wedding planner so also worried about that) 

sorry now I seem to be waffling on. Any advice would be great. thanks :) 


  • LantrolLantrol Posts: 43

    Not sure about England,  but in Scotland  it's 3 months max for notice. And you do it in the county u are being married  in.  You shold both be there as well. 

    You can book your wedding ASAP.  However won't be able to give notice until 3 months before the dateam. 

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Just gave notice today so can help!

    You need to book the registrar in the borough you are getting married in regardless of where you live. I am getting married in Gloucestershire but live in Swindon, rang the Gloucestershire registrars office to book. Your venue will tell you which office you need to ring.They normally let you do this more than a year out but rules vary. I booked 18 months out and paid £30 holding fee for the date and time. If you haven't yet done this but have your venue booked you need to do it yesterday or risk not getting the time you want.

    Then as soon as you are less than 1 year out from the date you need to ring your local registrars office to give notice. This is for the borough you live in, regardless of where you are getting married. So we rang Swindon. They will make you an appt to give notice and you must then marry within a year. If your h2b lives in a different borough he must give notice seperatley at his local registry office. I don't know if you would both need to attend both appointments but I don't think so.

    However it seems like by the time you are a year out you will both live in the same borough. We were asked when we gave notice how long we had lived there, and we had to declare it was at least a month. That leads me to believe you must live there for a month before you can give notice in that borough but not 100% sure. When you are a year from the wedding, if you are living together but he hasn't yet been there a month then just make the appt a few weeks later to get round this.

    Once you have given notice in the borough where you live, the staff there will inform the registrar for your wedding venue that you are OK to be married and they will sort out the paperwork between them. The registrar for your venue will also contact you asking how you would like your ceremony.

    Hope that all makes sense!

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    You can only give notice maximum 12 months in advance so I would just wait until you are living together as it seems you will be by November anyway. Regarding what Sammykate said about that you must be living at your address > 1 month I've not heard of (but I wouldn't have paid attention to this kind of info as it is not relevant to us ). So perhaps check this out with your local office just in case. Mine has got a great FAQs section on their website so maybe see if yours has the same as that should answer all your questions. 

  • MrsMc28MrsMc28 Posts: 61

    Thank you ladies. 

    This has helped so much. Sammykate, what you said makes so much sence, I'll make sure I'll ring the office today to see if I can hold the date and time.

    Thank you all again

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    Yeah not 100% that you have to live there for a month- it was just a thought as the documents they got us to sign declared we had lived there a month or more. If you ring they are usually very helpful so can tell you!

    As well as the website my registry office publishes a booklet called the purple guide that talks you through it all so you might be able to pick up something like that.

  • MrsMc28MrsMc28 Posts: 61

    I've just called and paid the registration reservation fee! The lady on the phone was so helpful and is sending me a lot of information about it all. My date and time is secure and she said to give notice in March time, so exciting! Seems more real now :)

  • Charlotte237Charlotte237 Posts: 274 New bride

    SammyKate is spot on (I've been researching this in the last week too) except I think it's only a week you have to be resident where you give notice - at least that's what my local one said!

  • It's a week.

    I just gave notice at the British Embassy to get married in Vienna as I live here, and I had to be resident here for a minimum of a week to get the notice. If we'd decided to get married in the UK we would have had to have stayed at my parent's place for a week.

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