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I've found someone out there who would do custom wedding logo for FREE!

I was looking for how to do a wedding logo, because we want something special to tie up our whole wedding, like a theme. And yesterday I came across this site which they're doing a wedding logo for people for FREE!

All I need to do is to send them two pictures of us. I think I may do it later!

I'm sharing the link to you girls:


  • casey3casey3 Posts: 4

    So, I'm very happy with what they did for us! They even made a little poem for us, that actually rhymes and everything. They gave us a bunch of files as well.
    They posted us on their blog, so you can see it here:
    I just told them I want it to be related to the number 12. And they came up with the clock theme. And the story they portray is so lovely. I mean, it's just really of good quality!

    (So my real name is Kristie actually...)

  • Sarah671Sarah671 Posts: 526 New bride

    Oh wow I love that!! How long did it take them to do it?

  • casey3casey3 Posts: 4

    Sorry, missed your message. Once I gave them everything, it's around one week. With the poem and all the files.

  • Sarah671Sarah671 Posts: 526 New bride

    That's ok :) iv done it so il wait and see if they get back to me with anything :) x

  • Gemma315Gemma315 Posts: 20

    i cant seem to get past the link on their page?

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