wedding dress made bigger?

hi all :) I'm wondering if anyone has had their wedding dress made bigger? ive got my dress but its like at least 2 sizes too small!


  • missmarvelmissmarvel Posts: 219

    You can get it taken out dependkng on the seam allowance but I doubt there will be enough to take it out 2 sizes. You would need to speak to a seamstress to see if they can add a panel? If it's a corset back you should be able to see 

  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266

    Maybe tricky to add a panel if you don't have any extra material. They could struggle to get the correct fabric and colour match. 

    Not much help sorry X 

  • Samantha86Samantha86 Posts: 210

    maybe thats because the petticoat

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    did you not order it in your size? 

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