Wedding in Italy... PLEASE HELP!!



My boyfriend and I got engaged last week and have decided we would like to get married in Italy. We understand there is a lot of paperwork etc involved but feel as though the setting and heat is more suited to us rather than a UK wedding (we're from England).


We are planning to get married towards the end of July 2017 so understand we need to move quickly, however I am getting extremely overwhelmed and don't have a clue where to start. Ideally we are wanting a pretty, exclusive villa that can sleep a minimum of 16 guests, has a pool and beautiful outdoor space so we can have the wedding meal/party there (we're hoping for about 60 guests altogether for the ceremony). At the moment, I'm undecided whether to go for a Catholic Ceremony or a Civil Ceremony (my mum and I will pretty much be the only religious ones there so don't want to lose half the guests during the ceremony).


My boyfriend wants to do as much as possible ourselves to save costs but I'm getting anxious about this. I've inquired with a couple of websites but they're costs of very large for a wedding planner.


Has anybody got aaaany advice at all.... anything will help me right now to try and get us started. At the moment we are also open to ideas for location, providing it is within a decent distance (60-90 min max) of an airport that operates budget flights from the UK.


Thank you in advance,


Kaye Walton




  • Hi Kaye!


    Don't stress - congratulations =] Enjoy the first stages of being engaged and dont rush into anything!

    I went out and looked at LOADS of Italy venues, and reviewed them all with pictures here:

    That might help you get an idea of what is out there, there;s definitely a few which spring to mind when you mention what you are looking for,,, Villa Parisi would probably be a great option for you so have a look at that one especially!

    I'm getting married in July 2017 (as you'll see on that thread) and I would say that June or September will come out a lot cheaper if you're flexible on month... we just went for July thinking its before school, holidays so would be fine but actually July and August are the peak months and as such accomm etc is extra expensive... but oh well! I love my easy to remember wedding date 07/07/17 haha 

    I know Tuscany has LOADS of private villa rentals in the hills, and I would suggest just popping an email over to my planner (Lisa - Hitched in Italy) as she will be able to recommend some great places! I had wedding planners quote that they would charge anything from £800 - £4000 for their services, but Lisa is the lower end of that scale and includes on the day assistance, translation of documents, dealing with all the paperwork etc so for me it was worth having a planner. I'm still booking lots of bits separately but thats just my choice XD 

    Let us know how you get on!!! x

  • MissesJ2BMissesJ2B Posts: 106

    Hi, I'm getting married in Umbria one month today (eek!) and would suggest getting a wedding planner. They may be expensive but the savings and discounts they will be able to offer will make it worth it, I promise. We started planning ourselves and just found it too difficult (and we live in milan and speak italian!) Our planner has found us savings that have more than justified using her, and is only helping out on the bits that are too difficult for us to do on our own, as well as setting up and taking everything down on the day so I am not stressing about that on the morning of the wedding. 

    I would also recommend looking outside of the traditional wedding areas (The lakes, Tuscany, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello) to make more savings. There are less well known areas which are just as beautiful, and half the price.  For Tuscany, look at Umbria, for the lakes, look at some of the smaller ones further south, or the less well known (Try Maggiore, Orte, Bracciano, Bolsena), for the sea side, try further south, or Cinqe Terra.

    Good luck! I've loved planning our, and will be so sad when its over! 


  • Kathrin-Kathrin- Posts: 50

    Hi Kaye,

    congratulations. We are getting married in Sorrento (Amalfi Coast) in September 2017. 

    We very quickly decided that we wanted to get married in Italy but had no idea where and neither of has had been to Italy. We talked to a lot of friends and colleagues to see which areas of Italy they could recommend. This is how we found out about the Amalfi Coast which I would have never considered beforehand. Personally I was always tempted by Tuscany and they do have lots of villas. Lots of people mentioned the lakes as being super romantic. Basically what I did was just google wedding venues in the different locations which gave me loads of results.

    We then went on a Italy road trip, visiting venues at the Amalfi Coast, Florence, Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore. I had the help of a lady from travel counsellors who also suggested some venues, planned our trip and also made appointments with the venues for us. She is not working there anymore, however they have lots of agents. For the lake region we actually found a wedding planner and we met her personally. She is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend her if you are interested in the lake areas. I cannot remember the price exactly. Maybe around a 1000? But I think that is pretty normal. 

    If you are interested in the Amalfi Coast there are some other threads on here with tonnes of information and lots of comments from brides who use planners or organise it themselves. 

    In general it depends how much you want to do yourself or whether you prefer having someone organising for you. Since our venue has a very good manager who is doing a lot of the work, like decoration, food, music, ceremony we decided against a planner. Things like photographer and hair/make up I will research myself. However we did get the help of another travel agent who is planning our accommodation and mini honeymoon and will assist with guest accommodation too.

    What helped me a lot was just researching areas in Italy and see where I could imagine to get married, just start googling as you will find places that amaze you and form a better picture. Then don´t be afraid to change your mind! I would absolutely recommend to visit some places as well if you can. At first we were super keen on the lake area and then realised after seeing everything that the coast was more for us.

    If you do need any other advice let me know. My search was concentrated on those areas, so if any of that is of interest for you I am happy to forward you some more information.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, we are also getting married in Italy next year. We visit Italy a lot and were very set on getting married in Tuscany - rolling hills, sunflowers, etc. and have settled on the Siena region of Tuscany.

    My advice is get a wedding planner. They all offer different packages ranging from 500 euros up to 3000 dependent on what you need them to do. There is a language barrier that you will hit and this will assist in that.

    We got engaged in June and are getting married in June 2017 - venues are getting booked up and fast, we are going this weekend to view 3 and a caterer. Initially we were visiting in October to do this, but have had to move this forward.

    I don't know what your budget is, but most villas through June - September insist on 7 nights hire. They can also be quite remote so think about what your guests will be doing if you are having them with you for the whole time and think about entertainment.

    The temperatures in July and August are very very hot in particular southern Italy and can be unbearable. We are going to Siena on Friday and temperatures this week have been in the high 30's.

    Finally you can only have a Catholic wedding if you and your fiancé are Catholic. There are some stunning Town Halls for civil ceremonies and these are legally binding and some villas can also now host ceremonies.  We are protestant and will be having a religious blessing when we return for just our immediate family as this is important to us.

    As mentioned earlier I suggest contacting several planners and go with the one that you feel will meet your needs the best. I am using but spoke to 3 and 1 of them was all glossy and very expensive - even though I told them our budget they kept pushing high end options.

    Italy is beautiful and I cant imagine getting married anywhere else, so I am sure that you will find the perfect spot


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