Can't decide on ANYTHING!

Hi ladies, 

I am new here and just looking for some direction/inspiration/kick up the bum please! 

Been engaged over a year now, as just after we got engaged I fell pregnant. So we not have a little boy. We want to get married next year (baby will be 18 months). 

We are both only children and don't have big families. All of our friends are already married and have a child/children. 

We have considered: 

- a tiny ceremony here and a party in the evening

- going to Mexico just the 3 of us and doing it

- New York? 


The organisation and planning are what worries me about every option. I'd be quite happy to nip down the registry office, sign the paperwork and have it done with. 


Does anyone have any words of wisdom? 


Thank you! 


  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    Unfortunately we can't choose for you but from what you've said it sounds like you would be happy with something small. Go with what suits you not everyone else. How about you go away the three of you and then have a party back home? It doesn't have to be anything grand or over the top! 


  • Thanks for your reply Lexi - I guess I'm looking for affirmation that other people have done the elopement thing and it's all worked out fine! ha! 

    The planning is what scares me -  I can have quite an addictive personality and know I'll end up being total Bridezilla, so just want something simple! 

    Although also in my mind is that if I go 'small' that will equal boring! Argh! 

  • MrsMannionMrsMannion Posts: 1,124 New bride

    Do what is best for u and your husband to be and the baby only you know what you want do not listen to what ppl tell u to do, u do what u want everyone has different thoughts about what they want for their wedding do what makes you happy 

  • MichBee2BMichBee2B Posts: 726

    I would either go with the abroad option and get a planner to do it, or I would suggest not leaving it that long and just do it very simply and quickly here.

    Friends of ours planned and organised a wedding in 3 months so there was absolutely zero time to get to be a bridezilla. I think if you were to organise something over a year away there is a risk that things will escalate and you'll end up with a massive complicated affair. 

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