Vampire facial and medical tattoo

Hi Guys,

Im a medical tattoo artist and of the artistic variety. I am able to offer you MCA techniques also known as dry needling in the micropigmentation world, which naturally induces collagen production in your skin, giving it a healthy hydrated glow and natural tightness / plumpness. This technique is especially productive with acne scars, not just on the face but the rest of the body, including effectiveness with scar tissue from trauma or surgery, burns, and the starting of fine lines (wrinkles). I also do camouflage tattoo, 3d nipple and aereola tattoo, and for rebels, i do custom tattoo designs.

Im currently running a special on whats known as a vampire facial. This is usually done 1 week prior to the big day so that maximum results are achieved on your big day. Please take note that I  recommend you DO NOT wear make 48 hours after the procedure, so you need to make sure you have no party plans in between!! Please feel free to google Vampire facials and do your own research for its effectiveness and not just take my word for it! - you will be pleasantly surprised.

Should you require help with getting rid of scars / acne scars, stretch marks/ fading of burn scars, or micropigmentation, this would need to be done at least 6 months prior to you big day for maximum results and a minimum 90% scar free photos!

I am currently booked 1 month in advance, but i will always do my best to help accommodate you even if it means the odd appointment is done in the evening or weekend! 

Even if you dont use me - I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have or provide information pertaining to any tattoo techniques of all varieties!   With much Love,  Inkchik xx

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