who went with you dress shopping?

Hello, I have an appointment in 2 weeks time to go try some dresses on and i am just wondering who normally goes with you at first appointmen? Originally I just wanted to take my mum but now my 3 bridesmaids are asking to come. Will that be too many people? 


  • I did 'pre-shopping' with just 1 person (mixture of moh or bridesmaid), which helped a lot! Especially the first time because its all very confusing. After I was pretty sure on the dress/style I wanted, i organised a day with my whole bridal party & my mum. So they all got the whole bridal shopping experience but it didn't stress me out and everything was all fun and happy.

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    My mum and Mother in law came to my first appointment. I wanted them both involved and they both loved it. We went for afternoon tea afterwards.
    My second appointment I took one of my bridesmaids and the best man! He knows my other half really well and I was concerned that he wasn't going to like anything I was looking at. The best man certainly put my mind at ease but I completely get that the best man coming is not going to be for everyone!
    Third appointment was my mum and my other bridesmaid. Final appointment and ordering of the dress was back to my mum and mother in law.

    Take whoever you feel happy with and whoever you want there. As to whether it'd be too many people, I only ever had 2 people with me but even that at times was hard to cope with as they were all quite opinionated and confused me with liking things that I didn't like etc. Ultimately though, it's your decision and if you just want it as you and your mum, then just have it as you and your mum. There will be plenty of other opportunities for the bridesmaids to be involved.

  • I'm going with my mum and dad for my first appointment - and the boutique stipulated only 2 guests - due to room but also to prevent too many opinions - but then I can take others to later fittings/appointments. I'm sure your bridesmaids will understand if you tell them that your mum really wants to go with you for your first time!

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    For my first bridal appointment I went with my mum, aunt, both my sisters and three cousins. Funny enough it weren't bad, we agreed/disagreed on most things. The rest of the appointments I went with my mum, sisters and occasionally my cousins when they were available. It was actually quite nice having my own entourage and being fussed over lol..

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    How exciting!! I'm going dress shopping in just over two weeks as well  I've booked four appointments over two days - on the first day I'm going with just my mum, then on the second day my maid of honour is joining us.

    At first I was adamant that I didn't want too many people there, so was just going to have my mum. But then I thought that it would be nice to include my friend for another opinion and also the experience, so will have her there for a couple of the appointments.

    You could always have your bridesmaids for fittings instead, if you feel like four people might be too many. I would also check with the boutiques you are visiting, as some do have a limit on the amount of guests they allow.

    Enjoy your dress shopping!

  • My mom and sisters. I trust their choice in dresses.

  • Give a call to the shop that you want to go to and ask! But Usually I think that for 4 people it doesn't matter...I will have my first appointment on the 27  of October, I'm quite excited and I can't wait.

    My sister and my best friend come with me...

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    I think I will do a mixture of people over several appointments. I've heard taking too many people at once can be a bit too much. Also check with the shop, we went dress shopping for my sister yesterday and the area she tried on the dresses was small. There were 3 of us with her and anymore there wouldn't have been room. 

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    I went on my own and actually ordered my dress today. I feel like this was best for me as I didn't want to be influenced by anyone.

    I was speaking to the shop owner a out this anew although they don't have a limit on how many people, she said she doesn't like it when Brides bring more than two people at most. She's said it clouds judgement and not only that, she believes the wedding dress should be a surprise on the day. She also said she's had experiences where she thinks Brides friends have sabotaged the appointment by saying the dress doesn't look nice etc as they get a little bit jealous < this I can believe.

    I loved the experience on my own. It was all about me. It didn't matter what anyone else thought and ultimately it was all down to me which I think is how it should be.

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