Anglesey Registry Office (or nearby)

Hi! This is my first post and I'm really hoping for some help/ advice please. We are getting married, hopefully February 2017 and we were planning on running off to Gretna in secret but my brother has just announced that he is doing the same (he didn't know) so we are now scratching our heads for an alternative.

We are thinking about a very quiet, simple registry office 'do' maybe Anglesey area but as we currently live in Lincolnshire it's tricky to get over there to go viewing. 

We are definitely sure that we only want a registry wedding as there will only be us and our two children- kind of an elopement I guess. Can anyone recommend any, or tell us to steer away from, any offices that they know of?

I'm from Abergavenny originally so did think of there, but to be honest I haven't got a clue- we need to make a short list of nice areas and then go over and look at them all. We are combining the wedding with a short holiday, so a Minimoon which is why the surrounding area is important. Maybe Machynthlleth area?

Sorry to be so vague, any ideas would be gratefully received xxx Thanks! 



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    Hey Claire,

    I love Anglesey, What a lovely place for an elopement!

    Try this place, it is an absolutely gorgeous B&B with very reasonable room prices, including rooms for children. I have been there a couple of times for a holiday and they are the nicest people. All of the rooms are gorgeous, there is the possibility of massage etc but the absolute best part is the genuinely delicious food made specifically to order every night. 

    They have a civil ceremony licence and do small weddings. The website says they can have up to 60 guests but don't worry that it will be too big - there are lots of small rooms and nooks and crannies, it is a beautifully romantic place and in my opinion it would be perfect for an elopement. One time when my partner and I were there we were the only people in the place (it was a weekday in Autumn) and we didn't feel like it was too big or anything, it was absolutely fine. They only have 4/5 rooms in total anyway.

    Cannot stress too much how lovely this place is! Have thought that I wouldn't mind eloping there myself it is so lovely. 

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