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hi everyone,

we get married in August 2018 (still a while off but need to start planning). I've got 2 problems that I need help with please.

first problem: I have got a brother who has 8 kids so with him, his partner and kids it's 10 altogether. he has a habit of not turning up to family gatherings. I don't know whether to invite them all to the wedding on the off chance they will turn up. if not I lose out on £900. I can just invite my brother but he may kick off for not inviting the rest of them or I could just invite them all to the evening reception. what should I do?

second problem: I have decided to have my 2 sisters has my bridesmaids but I'm having 3. all of my close friends cut all ties with me when I fell pregnant because I could no longer go out every weekend so I will definitely not be asking them. I was thinking of asking my h2bs best friends girlfriend. I have only known her for 2 years and have actually only seen her a handful of times due to her living in Scotland. is it the right thing to ask her to be my bridesmaid or will it look weird?

any advice is greatly appreciated 



  • Emma593Emma593 Posts: 128

    Personally i would stick with just your two sisters.

    Your wedding photos will be their for years and if your h2b's best friend and his girlfriend split up and you drift apart from her she will be just random person in the photo.

    Also, your wedding is still quite along way off (even though the time does go far too quickly) if you are set on having three bridesmaids why don't you wait until nearer the time to make a decision about the third person. Who knows which new friends you will make in the mean time. 


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