Hello, new to this me and my husband to be are wanting to get married abroad march time 2018 nothing to expensive beach wedding handful of guest but have no idea on how to start or go about getting information prices packages etc not wanting anything to far out Spain maybe? Any help would be truly great full Xx


  • My biggest piece of advice would be to NOT book your wedding through a travel agent. My partner and I are getting married in greece in 2018 and went to thomas cook to price it. I was then passed on the names of a couple of wedding planners who are actually in kos and it is less then half the price. Just book your flights and accommodation through them but I would try to find a good wedding planner to do the wedding part.

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    Thank you stacey,

    We're looking at 2018 ourself but everything iv been  looking at on line doesn't seem to come up with 2018 prices iv just messaged a girl I no that works for harry Shaw to see if she has any 1st hand information she can share X

  • The holidays for 2018 won't be out until April sometime which is so annoying lol. We have our wedding venue and reception booked as I booked direct with people out there. The flights and accommodation can't be booked until April so it's a waiting game. The travel agent told me to get an idea of the holiday price you take the price from 2017 and add 10 percent and that would give you an idea. 

  • If you're looking in Spain, I know a couple of people who've made in Nerja. It seems to be a popular place for weddings, and a beautiful spot. Both sets of friends used a local wedding planner, who then did all the arrangements on the ground to get the best price. I could get you details if you want. x

  • Hiya i went to rhodes to get married and agree do not use a travel agents, only thing with spain is u cant legally get married there it would more be a blessing you have to live in spain for two years to do that, all the greek islands that os a 4 hour flight you can legally get married there xx

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    This article About honeymoon destinations

    BUT, I think that is good for you, you can choose a best destination for you wedding ceremony too


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