How can I have a venue, food and wine for less than £5,000?

Looking for venues in Powys, Wales.


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    We did. Our whole venue including room hire, 3 course wedding breakfast, wine package, evening buffet, overnight accommodation, dj for the disco was £3,300. You just need to shop around. We got ours as our venue does a package during the off peak wedding season. Which was ideal for us as we already knew we didn't want a summer wedding.

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    What part of the country are you looking in? It's certainly possible. My venue is a beautiful cotswold hotel with an AA rosette restaurant (so not cheap and nasty) and the base wedding package for 60 guests was £4500. That's for a Sunday in the summer. Saturday was 1k more. Winter is cheaper. We are also paying £500 to hold our ceremony there so it was 5k in the end. That includes 60 people with 3 course meal, welcome drinks, wine with the meal, and evening food.

    I found it through googling- lots and lots of googling! I must have been on the website of every wedding venue in a 50 mile radius. The first thing I looked at was their package price- anything above our budget got discounted straight away!

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    If you tell people where you wish to find your venue you might get useful recommendations for specific venues. It also depends how many guests you will have.

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    Might be worth emailing local venues asking if they can provide xyz within your budget , even the poshest venues will often offer a deal as it is better to have the function room in use than sitting empty , they will make money in the bar!! Try everywhere You like the look of , if you are flexible you will get something good luck x

  • It depends how many guests! 

    Mine for 60 guests was £6,000 & that includes canapes, reception drinks, dinner, wine and evening food and a DJ. This is in Essex though which is ££££. And we are getting married on a Saturday. I imagine Wales would be cheaper.

    What stings you is when you have the bigger numbers! most places will do packages for 60 guests or similar which are good value. As mentioned by Sammykate above 

    good luck 😊 Xx

  • Manon3Manon3 Posts: 2

    Thank you everyone! X

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    As said above, just fire off a few emails stating your budget and what you want for it and see what comes back, the worse they can say is not possible. Good luck.

  • Hello! I am also newly engaged looking to plan a wedding on this sort of budget (but struggling!) if anyone can recommend anywhere in either the Kent area or Bristol area that would be absolutely fab. So glad I found this forum :)

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    Hi Lisa- I'm Swindon so not too far from you. What type of venue are you looking for? Hotel, barn, blank space?

  • Hi Sammy, I am really not fussy about the type of venue - would be happy to look at everything :)

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,362 New bride

    I found hotels the best value as they offer packages. Barns are lovely but they can cost you thousands in hire fees before you even start on catering etc. Quite a lot on offer in your price range for hotels- I know I looked at a few in Bristol! We even went to look at the function suite at Bristol zoo gardens. If you're interested in the Cotswolds the hotel I am using is part of a small chain called Cotswold Inns & Hotels. They offer really reasonable packages considering the quality of the venues.

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    Hi Lisa

    I can't help Manon3 as not local to Wales, I am based in London. I am getting married at High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Our wedding is costing £8,000 on a Saturday night - this includes canapes and two welcome drinks per guest after the ceremony, the 3 course wedding breakfast, half a bottle of wine per person with meal, glass of prosecco for toasts, the DJ and ceremony room hire - this is for 130 guests! We are getting married in February so we got a 20% discount, as nobody wants to get married in the freezing cold, however, I figured, we could book a wedding on a Saturday in August and it could be raining! I am sure of you have less than 130 guests they could do nearer to £5000 - hope this helps xxx

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