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I just can't seem to get my head around the legal bit and the process my partner and I are getting married in a church and fortunately have a registrar who will be present on the day but what do we do prior to that? We live in different boroughs and are getting married in a borough different to us both, can someone break down the process of giving notice and how it works please. Thank you. 


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    if it is a Church of England wedding then you need to have banns read at both yours and your fiancé local parish churches and also at the church you are getting married at. The vicar at the church you are getting married should automatically read your banns but you will have arrange the banns being read at the other 2 churches. They must be read 3 times within the 3 months before your marriage and you will be given a certificate stating that they have been read which you must give to your vicar performing your marriage before the day or you won't be able to get married. Your vicar should have given you lots of paperwork to fill out one of those pieces of paper is for your banns. We copied ours to make it easier when filling out the other 2 forms as we are in the same position as you 3 different parishes involved!

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    Tanya is right. When we got married I had to get the banns read at the church in our parish, as we were getting married in my husbands parish church and I wasn't from that area.

    I contacted the church local to me, filled in a form and they read the banns in the lead up to the wedding - I think it was around £40 but I can't remember exactly. They then gave me a slip of paper (certificate) which I then gave to the vicar in the church who was marrying us. So obviously you'll need to do this twice. The church we were getting married at sorted the other banns so we didn't need to worry about that - they just wrote the dates in a book and told us which Sunday's they would be read out on so we could attend.

    Just make sure that you keep on top of the two other churches that are reading your banns as like Tanya says if these aren't done you won't be able to get married. My experience with both churches is that communication from them wasn't great so make sure you chase them up if you don't hear from them.

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