Planning a wedding in the Algarve


i was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and advice about planning our wedding in Portugal? I'm very new at all this and literally don't know where to start. I live in the uk and have never been out to the algarve but it looks beautiful from what I have seen.

We want to make it into our honeymoon/ family holiday as well as our wedding, so we are wondering if a hotel would be best to stay in or a villa? We have 3 children and 1 on the way so ideally I'm thinking it would be best to stay in a hotel for the children's entertainment? We have looked into the holiday villiage for our holiday but we don't want to get married there As we want something a bit more personal.

We have a small group of people coming out to join us for our special day so we are looking for something that will accept around 20 guests. We have looked at the Lady of the rocks which looks beautful but does anyone know how far away that is from the holiday village or if there is places close by where we can have a reception.

be lovely if someone could answer any of my questions



  • Hei :)


    you wedding plan sounds so great. Maybe, you like me to photograph your wedding. If it fits in my portfolio, I can photograph it very cheap, because I really love that region and a wedding there would make me very happy.

    Next year, I also will be in portugal! :D

    Here are some photos of mine:



    Greetings, Annika

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