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Notice of marriage


I have a few questions, If you are from another country and don't have Uk citizenship but have a NI number and have previously worked in the UK for more that 1 year, what do you need when you go to give notice of marriage AND what do they ask you? 

We have flown back for 2 months to help my future husbands mother and we both study some distance courses while we are in the UK but don't work.. and he is From Uk and i am from the Eu? 


  • OKCharlieOKCharlie Posts: 145 New bride

    I'd suggest asking your local registry office. Ours were really helpful 

  • If you are from an EEA country and he is from UK that is fine. You need to have been resident in the district that you are giving notice in for more than 7 days and provide proof of nationality, residence and marital status. Have a look on as ex registrars we now have our own business re marriage etc please take a look Julie 

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