Deciding on a colour scheme

Well I have now put a deposit down on a dress, not at all the dress I thought I would buy but it looked stunning on.

Link to dress

I was also wanting my hair down, but due to above dress they suggested hair up to show off the back of the dress. Thoughts?

So now thoughts turn to colour for bridesmaids, at mo I am hoping for 4 (already asked 2).

Either pink or blue, whichever I was going to go with I am toying with varying shades of colours, ie dark pink and then dresses getting lighter.

How did you decide on a colour, theme...

Although already decided I would like if poss a rodeo bull at reception :D

Any thoughts, advice welcome :)






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    Hi Laura what a beautiful dress! Speaking from my own experience, I didn't really want a colour 'theme' . I find this tends to be the case where you need 100 chair sashes that match the bridesmaids etc My venue has nice chivari chairs and I have always only wanted white flowers for decor. So the only colour really will be the bridesmaids! I'm still deciding and in a way I think once we find the right dress that will be that. This is easier than deciding the colour first and not being able to find the dresses if that makes sense. That said, blush is definitely the in colour so you would likely find it easy if you opt for pink. 

  • I wanted white flowers and green foliage I was adamant that this was the look and rustic to boot.

    i then wanted pink, beautiful soft pink but my one only bridesmaid can't wear pink in any shade - it makes her look like the living dead...we were in hysterics in the bridal shop as each dress she tried on just made her look worse.

    We then tried on a dress in Celadon a lovely sage green with blue tones that suits her perfectly

    I am now going with blush / pantone dogwood (not original but on trend) as it matches the celado, the light gold in my dress and H2Bs suit.

    I got there inthe end by making a huge Pinterest board of colour schemes, visting it once a week to edit out the stuff that I didn't love completely and eventually found the common theme of shabby chic / vintage glam

  • we don't have a specific theme, I literally just went for purple and silver as they are my favourite colours and at the time I thought it'd be easy to find bridesmaids dresses in them (it's not proving that bad since I m happy to go for a mismatched look as long as the BMS are comfortable with that:)) Maybe ask your bridesmaids for their opinions?

    As for your hair although I agree having it up would show off the detail of your dress, you should choose whatever makes you happier. 

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    We're having a rodeo bull at our wedding! It's going to be so much fun! It's costing £400 for 4 hours, but they bring a wet weather marquee to go over in case of rain, various garden games plus we can put our iPod onto their speakers to play our music. We've put that we are having one on our invites as a warning to the ladies to bring a change of clothes to preserve their modesty If they want to ride!

    colours came easy I like traditional pastel country colours so opted for pastel pink, yellow and blue.

  • I decided early on that I don't like many colours really and although pink is my favourite colour, we had been to 3 weddings in less than a year that had pink as the main colour. So I went with white. Everything is white, flowers, BM dresses, cake etc. But that's just the contemporary and elegant kind of thing I was going for so I'm perfectly happy with it. 

  • P.s I think you should have your hair up with that dress

  • I decided on my theme by looking on Pinterest by searching "Spring theme" to see what colours came up for the season I wanted 

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