wedding favours

So I have a really stupid questions about the favours. We are having less at the ceremony than the evening party. Are the favours only for the people at the ceremony and meal, or for everyone at the evening party as well?


Also the cake do you only have enough the ceremony guests or enough for the evening people as well


thanks :)


  • Favours tend to be for day guests only as you usually have them on the wedding breakfast tables, one per person. However there is no rule for this and you can give them to your evening guests too if you wanted! As you typically cut the cake when your evening guests have arrived, its a safer option to have enough cake to cover your evening guests too. 

  • Ok that's great thanks :)

    On another note what do you normally provide as a wedding favour. I was thinking along the lines of a bag of mine and h2b favourite sweets. Or something like that :)

  • I wondered that too about the day/evening split! I think we are going with Hotel Chocolat favours as our honeymoon is in St Lucia. And I just love HC! But for the evening we might have a basket of Creme Eggs as it's around Easter.

  • Cake should be for evening guests too, assuming you're serving it in the evening reception but I was advised by my cake supplier that not everyone eats it.

    Favours are only for day guests usually.

  • I'm not having favours but there are all sorts of crazy things out there you can get - whatever you fancy! 

    In terms of cake I am getting one that will serve around 75% of total guests as not everyone will eat it and a cake maker herself said that so much goes to waste. 

  • Wedding favours can be anything you want! We have bought little favour boxes ( that we are going to put chocolates in. I think its a good idea to get edible favours as there's less chance that these will go to waste, as I've read on other threads people spent loads of money on certain favours and 90% just get left behind on the table! So a nice sweet treat is a good and inexpensive option I think :) 

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