June wedding 2017 - Help!

We have decided to get married this June and booked our venue just over a week ago.


We are just having a small wedding and trying to keep it on a tight budget so we don't end up going crazy!  However, I realise I am on quite a short timescale and I am worried about the dress.  I work a lot of weekends and the ones I do have off I usually end up having lots of things to do, so was wondering if its completely ridiculous or inadvisable to try some dresses on by myself when I have a day off midweek.  I think I know what I want just need to be certain and of course find it.... or something like it.


Any one able to offer advice?




  • Not ridiculous at all, I went alone to most of my appointments and it was still special as the assistants were great.

    Word of warning though, you may have left it to late to get something that is not off the rack like from Wed2b or a sample. I ordered my dress 2nd week in December and it is not due until 2nd week of May and will need altering around the bust and hips. The assistant has notified the seamstress already and I may be collecting it the day before the wedding.


  • Thanks Victoria I am feeling a bit reassured. 

    I know I am not really wanting to spend a lot of money on my dress so was looking for off the rack/sample sale stuff.  I went to see a dress maker who said I would be ready for a fitting in May as long as she had my stuff ordered by end of this month however she quoted more than I want to spend.


    To be honest I am anticipating buying online and getting a seamstress to alter as I have heard of a few good ones near to me who do wedding dress alterations. I just want to try some in shops to make sure I am going for the right style.


  • Have you considered the high street? Loads of shops do bridal collections now and you'd be looking at £500 max.

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    I think it is too late for many designers so samples/preloved/wed2b/high street may be your only options. ASOS have a lovely bridal collection.

    If you do wish to go down the bridal route then you should start asap. I also went alone to many appointments and these were the only way I could think straight and hear my own thoughts and opinions! You definitely wouldn't be the only one to have done this. The assistants probably prefer it too lol.

    Your seamstress isn't really in a position to say whether your timings are OK because it is up to each individual designer - they would have to be asked by the bridal store as many take 6 to 9 months as standard. 

  • I've looked online at high street collections (although not actually in shops) and am a little uninspired. I am not a lovely svelte figure for a start.  But I definitely think I will try some shops this week to see what looks good on me and take it from there.


    Sorry the timescale I was given was for having a dress made for me not for having a dress altered. I know I am almost definitely too late for a bridal shop number I just think that trying some styles on first would steer me in the right direction. When we spoke to our celebrant we sort of both agreed that we just want to have a lovely personal day with good memories to look back on so yes I want a dress that looks good in photos but I don't want to blow a huge chunk of my personal budget on a dress.

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    You could possibly get away with ordering a rush cut- but if you don't want to pay for a designer dress that rules that out anyway.

    While I think going to a bridal store to try on different styles is a good idea to see what suits you, I would be very wary of doing this in your case. One of the cardinal rules of dress shopping is not to try on anything over your budget. Nothing like falling in love with a dress you can't have to ruin your wedding planning. I would go to wed2b instead, they will still have a selection of styles but you know you can actually have the dresses in there.

    Have you booked everything else like photographer, hairdresser etc? I'm sure you'll be ok, it's just I'm getting married in June and know what availability of supploers is like! It's the most popular wedding month of the year.

  • I ordered mine today from a bridal shop and it's due to arrive in May. I think sometimes you can buy extra for a rush delivery if it is an issue.

    Off the peg... I saw some lovely ones in Phase Eight.

    Debenhams also had quite a few but I didn't try any of them so can't comment.

    I have also visited Wed2Be and there were plenty of off the peg dresses available there to take away that day.

    I think trying on alone is a good idea because you can narrow down what youvrrally like. Then, if necessary, you can take a trusted friend to get their opinion on your short list. I do think when you find the right one you will know anyway :-)

    Very best of luck to you x

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