Looking for an Italian Wedding venue for my dream destination wedding

Im looking to find a beautiful venue in Italy and was hoping people might have suggestion of where they are looking or booked. I really like Sorrento and the Amalfi coast and we are planning a trip there to view (and hopefully book) our venue. For this reason I would like as many venues as possible to view while we are there so I dont miss a little hidden gem. 

With regards to the venue its self im not really sure what we are looking for other then lovely views and a nice area for the ceremony. 


Thank you in advance fellow future brides :) 




  • Hey Charlii!

    Congratulations on your wedding!

    I am English born but based on the Amalfi Coast workingas a planner as well as styling, flowers and design. I love finding new or alternative locations for Brides looking for something a little special- here is a pic from my last photoshoot with the amazing photographer Tara Lilly.


    Feel free to drop me an email and I can send you some venue suggestions, if you could indicate your budget and guest count that would be great as this will be important in find your dream venue :)

    Also what kind of ceremony are you looking to have?

    Best wishes,

    Catherine x


    [email protected]


  • Hi! I am getting married in Italy and there's so many options XD venue search probably took the most time out of all the planning but was so exciting! 

    i went out to look and venues in all the areas (Lake Como/ Tuscany/ Sorrento) so my thread might help as I reviewed them all:


    We are going with Costa dei Barbari which is on the beach in viareggio (Tuscan coast)... can have civil ceremony outside here (beach not garden) and the full reception... I'm so excited lol 59 days to go!!! 

    Let me know if you have any questions!!! xx

  • Hi and congratulations on your  upcoming wedding. Italy is such a beautiful country to wed in! We have opted to marry in Sorrento due to falling in love with it on our first visit and to us it offered our guests the option to really make a holiday out of their trip to with exploring the different regions surrounding the Amalfi coast. If you do decide to get married in Sorrento/Ravello or Positano I would confidently recommend speaking to Victoria at Sophisticated Weddings. http://sophisticatedweddings.net/ Victoria is our wedding planner who we initially met in May 2016 I have so far ( Touch wood) been completely stress free with all my wedding plans as Victoria and her team have been in constant communication with updates, colour schemes, flower choice etc Also it helps that Victoria and her team are so lovely and really get to know you and your fiance as a couple making your wedding day compeltely tailored!


    Good Luck on your search for the ideal venue! x

  • Hi CharliiT and everybody :-)

    I chose Rome to elope in May 2018, we are going to have our civil ceremony there.

    I'm happy with Rome because all the prices are affordable (a friend of mine married in Ravello and it was really pricy!!!), plus my wedding planners are great, organizing everything smoothly from the paperwork (which I started to do by myself, and it was impossible) until the reception. They really care to make everything exactly as we like!

    After the ceremony just the two of us, we are having a weekend of celebrations with families and closest friends, 30/35 people, in a classy hotel in the city center, I love hotel-weddings.

    Our planners gave us a wide, detailed range of venues and there were also some beautiful countryside places close to Rome that remind Tuscany landscapes, but we still have preferred to remain in Rome since many guests never visited the city.

    You can try to email my planners to check what they can offer for you, maybe they have the hidden gem that you are looking for and you don't lose nothing to ask! This is their website: http://www.italianweddingplannerinrome.com/

    Hope it can be helpful and have a good search!



  • LucyVItalyLucyVItaly Posts: 11

    We used matrimonio.com to find our venue! The website is in Italian which can be difficult but if you search for "location matrimonio" or browse through the "ricevimento" (reception) options for your chosen destination, they have loads of options and choices!

    Happy to help you navigate the site if you want!

  • Helen201Helen201 Posts: 6

    HI, I'm getting married in Sorrento in 4 weeks. I have never been but hope it is as beautiful in real life as it is in the photos! Did you visit, I chose the cloisters for ceremony then the O Parruchiano for reception

    we are only having 17 guests so didn't want anywhere huge! X

  • My previous wedding was in Sorrento.  We got married in the Cloisters (stunning) and had our reception in Palazzo Marziale,  which is just across the street, and is beautiful inside.  We had 25 guests and it was perfect.

    (Fab wedding, crap marriage....)

  • milallamilalla Posts: 1

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I also in choosing where to hold the wedding better, it's a pity that didn't help you, I choose in San Francisco

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