St. Paul's chapel wedding 👰

hi everyone 

me and my partner have recently got engaged and we have our hearts set on St. Paul's bay chapel it is just perfect but we don't know what do to for the reception?? Also what did other people do about guest as we will only be having close family so we will have 20 people including 4 children we are considering looking to hire a villa for all of us but don't want to pay afourune. do we pay for them or do we just expect them to pay for the flight and hotel ? 


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    In lindos? If so we went to a wedding There a couple of years ago and it was lovely. The reception was at dolphins bar and it was right on the beach it was lovely! They also had a boat ride that took us around the coast and then dropped us off at the bar. This was a welcome break from the sun!! 

    few bits of advice, avoid August if you can! It was super hot and there is no shade at the chapel.  sun is blistering and not enjoyable.  The wedding planners supplied fans for the cereomony but then took them away after. maybe buy some cheap ones for your guests to keep, they can double up as favours. Also if you do have your reception on the beach maybe have a basket of flip flops. Having made the mistake once I will definitely take flip flops along to a beach wedding but many of your guests might not think of it. Walking on sand in heels is tricky!!! 


    Good luck with your planning. It's a stunning place! 

    Ps we also arranged our own flights and accomodation. We just treated it as our main summer holiday as did most people 

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