Venue booked, Where to start next?!

Hi, I'm new to this group so hope I'm posting in the right place..

Partner & I are getting married in October next year. Neither of us are religious so we've gone for a beautiful hotel where we'll have the ceremony & the evening reception. We've picked bridesmaids and asked them etc. But as far as planning goes that's it. Where do we start next? Right now everything just seems so overwhelming! I think to myself I have a year before the big day so there's no rush, but then I'm panicking that there's so much do in that year! 

Can anyone advise where I should start, or can give me any tips? Thank you! 


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    Have you got catering through the hotel? If not you need to find a caterer. Photographer and florist and your next steps, get the main suppliers booked in and deposits paid. Then start looking for your dress, if your buying from a bridal shop they suggest buying about 9 months before the wedding for ordering the dress and then alterations 

  • We've got catering included in the hotel package. DJ's included in the hotel package too, the only thing the hotel doesn't provide are decorations. 

    I'll make a start on photographers and flowers next, thank you :) 

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    You have sorted your registrar out right?

  • Yeah, forgot to mention that! We confirmed the time and date at the same time as booking the hotel so that's all sorted. 

    I've been looking through some wedding threads on here and everyone seems so much more organized than me? 

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    Where are you getting married? I’d be looking at florists and hair/makeup people and a photographer next as the best ones get snapped up quickly....

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    I would book hair and make up, photographer and DJ. 

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    Just seen you don't need DJ. Where are you getting married? Some of us may be able to recommend suppliers.

  • We're getting married at Horsley Lodge (Horsley, Derbyshire) on the 12th October next year. 

    Definitely going to be thinking about photographers soon. Hair/make-up I'm going to be doing myself! I'm a beauty therapist/nail technician so quite excited about the prospect of coming up with the look myself. 

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    Ooh close to me :) I only live about 10 minutes from there!

  • wed172B wrote (see post):

    Ooh close to me :) I only live about 10 minutes from there!

    Oh brilliant, If you don't mind me asking do you have any reccomendations for suppliers for this area? 

    I've finally started making some plans, we've decided on our colour scheme, bought all the materials to make our own invitations (we want to do as much as we can by ourselves) and found some decorations for the tables all in the space of an afternoon! Amazing what some inspiration f and encouragement from the internet can do 

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    well we don’t get married for 2 weeks (scary) but our photographer has been great so far if you like the reportage / non posed style his name is Andy saywell. We have chosen to do our own artificial flowers but my friend used a lady called Nadia di tullio and she was fantastic.

  • Ahh, not long now! Had a look through your wedding thread, you have some beautiful ideas on there, I'll have a look into the photographer, I'm not really into the whole posed/staged photos either.


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    Nikki97 wrote (see post):

    Ahh, not long now! Had a look through your wedding thread, you have some beautiful ideas on there, I'll have a look into the photographer, I'm not really into the whole posed/staged photos either.


    Aww thank you :) yeah if you don't want to spend an hour having couple / family shots his style is more what you want, he just does around 6 family shots to get the important ones for you and will take us of for 5/10 minutes of couples shots and the rest of the time he just takes  photos as they happen. I think you get the natural emotion etc of the day this way as well so the photos tell more of a story

  • Hello, i would like to offer my photography services, pleaae have a look at get in touch and we can chat :)

  • I would probably go for the invites next to make sure everybody knows to save your date. I got mine from and they went down a treat!



  • I downloaded an app called The Knot which has a to-do list which I found really useful when I started planning. It’s a little American, and had some bits that weren’t relevant to me but found it a good place to start! It’s free btw!

    More recently my H2B and I did a mental wedding walk through and went through the whole day in order and made a list of everything we thought of (e.g ok, the guests come in, they might want to give us a card - oh yeah we need somewhere to put the cards!) but this was after we had the big stuff (photographer, florist, dj, caterer) sortes.

    Hope that helps and good luck! :-)

  • Thank you :)

    We have now sent out the save the date cards. Our wedding coordinator was off for a while but she's back now so we were able to speak with her yesterday. 

    We've decided on what style/ colour cake we're after and currently waiting to hear back from a cake maker re a price. 

    The next thing we need to book is a photographer. OH was hoping his friend would be able to do this but he's not able to commit as of yet for our date. 


    Nikki x

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