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Confused about his behavior

The prospective groom is in USA and I am in my home country. Fews months ago his parents told us that the guy wanted to talk to me. My family agreed and the guy added me on facebook. The strange thing is that we had online conversation only for 7-8 days. After that he does not start communication. I tried to carry on the communication and started chatting for more that 3 times from my side and he replied very well.

But it has been 2 months since he had not started communication and no responses from his side yet. BUt when I ask him something he reply very politely. He is still on my facebook and I can see him online everyday but he did not started communication for 2 months. What does it mean? Does he lost interest? If so...then why? We had only online chatting, we didn't even hear each others voice yet.

At first we used to chat for every days and our topics were very general......hobby, music, movie, ambitions, career plan etc. We used to chat for every days and most of the days he started the chat first. On day he asked about my favorite film stars from 3 actors and I told my favorite's name. Don't know why after that he stopped initiating chat. Is not it wired?

My family contacted his family and they told us that they would definitely come to our house once they are in our city. They also told that the guy will com to the home country very soon.....may be within 2 months. Arranged marriage is really very tough issue I think.

Very confused.....very very confused. Can any one tell me how can I describe this sort of behavior?


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    It does sound as though hes not that keen, not necessarily on you, but on the prospect of marriage, arranged or otherwise.

    My experience is that it will be down to the parents decision though, I have a friend who is currently going through similar, and although hes trying to be happy, his heart isnt in it.

    Will you have any say in these arrangements?

  • Maybe he is just scared about it. Arranged marriage is no longer that rampant these days. I hope you guys should talk about it.

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