New to this

Hi all

In hoping someone can help me out on a few things as im so new to all this. Neither of us have a clue where to start

1. How do u no what type of budget to go for? Could everything be done between 10 and 15k

2. How do u pick your venue? Do u make an appointment to go to hotels to speak to someone etc? 

We are hoping to get married last weekend in september 2019

thanks for any help in advance :-)


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    10-15K is a good budget! Our's is coming in just over at about £15,500 but we're paying £2000 for a photographer, we've booked a saxophonist (although he's only £450) and that's including a £4000 honeymoon.

    If you google wedding venue's in your area then most will have a website. If you know of somewhere you fancy, either give them a ring and they'll probably arrange a time for you to come and be shown around to discuss wedding packages :)

  • Hi, Congratulations. 

    10-15K is a really healthy budget. 

    As for venues, look what is around your area or the area in which you want to get married and ring around places to arrange some viewings. They'll talk you through their wedding packages. 

    We viewed 3 venues before choosing ours, all offer something different, different prices etc so it's good to have an idea of what you want from your wedding before you view places. x

  • Thanks for the replys. Im so laid back. Cant plan a nightout never mind a wedding 🙈 

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    Congratulations Fiona156!

    I am a September 2019 bride as well :) 

    10-15K is a very healthy budget and is also my budget and I havent had to compromise as much so far! 

    The first thing I would start on looking at would be the venue. Have a think of what type of wedding you want and types of location ie: manor houses, by a lake, location etc etc. I would have a look online at some of the venues in the area you'd like to have your wedding in. A simple google search on wedding venues in the area would be a good start :) 

    You can then look at their brochures and most of them do  show prices, and you can then contact them to schedule a viewing of the venue if you are still interested !


  • Just an update

    Went yesterday and viewed a venue that I had been to before (my brothers wedding). As soon as we went in we both felt this is the place we wanted. We have talked it over and we pay our deposit tomorrow. Other venues didn't suit our numbers. We didn't view them, just checked out their wedding packages and nearly them all was minimum 120, I only plan to have 80-100 (if I'm lucky) lol

    There was also a band I have always wanted from 2015 when I first heard them.. I messaged to see if they were available on my date.. They were available.. and as they are so popular we went ahead and booked them - deposit paid (with the help of my mum)

    everything moving so quickly. Have never felt as much nerves in my stomach in all my life lol Is this normal? or am I weird ? :(

  • Hi there, 

    I recently got engaged as well and it still doesn't seem real lol. It's handy to have a pintrest board for all your ideas from venues to flowers, dresses to favours, etc. Your budget is great. I wouldn't worry about how much you think you need to spend so all as you have everything for your day that you have always dreamed of having. As for what venue to choose of you have a church you always attend and would like to have your wedding there just get in contact with your priest/vicar and have a conversation with him about your day and how you want it to be. 


    Congratulations to you both and I hope everything goes according to plan for you. 

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