A hello from me... September 2018 bride

Hi all, I've just joined and so wanted to introduce myself. I am getting married to my wonderful fiancé on 15th September 2018. We got engaged on 8th October 2017 and met on 7th October 2015. I feel extremely lucky to have found this wonderful man to spend my life with!!

So far we have done quite well on planning the wedding, with a date, church, reception venue (marquee at home), caterer, photographer, band and dress. 

I have seen all your planning threads and really enjoyed reading them, I will post some comments and perhaps even start a thread of my own!

Anyone else getting married in September, or even sharing the same date as me?


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Hello and good luck with your wedding planning! I'm not a September bride (I'm December) but as that's my birthday month I am very partial to that time of year ;)

    I hope you'll share some info and pics with us! We all love to amire and nosey at each others weddings and planning :D

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,483 New bride

    Welcome, and congratulations.  I am an October bride- there are interestingly quite a few of us around the same time :-) 

  • I’m a November bride! So, not too long after you 

  • im also a September bride! 😃 the weekend after you 22nd September. have your nerves kicked in yet? Mine have 😂 our wedding day will be here before we know it! 

  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    Oh start a planning thread!! I'm 4 Jan so one year today

    September is a lovely time of year :)

  • Bunny87Bunny87 Posts: 180

    I'm December so a bit after you. So great that we can now say we'r getting married this year!

  • LDCRFLDCRF Posts: 48

    Hello and congratulations! 

    I get married the same day as you! Only 254 days to go! I think we are at about the same stage as you with planning. We have venue, officiant, catering, photographer, band, BM dresses and dress sorted. The cake and flowers are through family friends so they are pretty much booked as well. At the moment I am looking at H&MUA, videographers and the boys kilts. 

    Are you doing a planning thread? It would be great to read how you are getting on with the planning process! 

  • k_mack_mac Posts: 35

    Welcome and congratulations on your engagement! Also a September bride, the 22nd. Excited to hear more about your plans x

  • Congratulations and welcome! I am a 2019 bride but just wanted to pop in to say hi! 😘

  • Hi, I’m also a September 15th bride! We got engaged years ago and only got round to booking the actual wedding in May just gone! I’ve got registra, venue, caterer, photographer, honeymoon, my wedding ring, all booked, I’m growing the flowers - well we have a team of friends helping with them too, as the ‘theme’ if you like is just flowers, and lots of them! In whatever colours bloom! I’ve almost got a band confirmed, making the invites and all stationar, oh I’ve got a website up with everything our guests will need to know in the run up to the big day! 

    ‘I’m very laid back about it all, except the dress but, I don’t want to feel like a stuffed sausage and had 1 rubbish experience when we popped into a store.. so I’m looking around for tea length, swirly lace dresses I can dance and twirl about in and not get freaked out over £ wise! 

    ‘Good luck with all your plans! 


  • Ps I think we also share same name! I’m a catherine 😊


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