Hi all,

I am after a little advice and suggestions.....I am planning my wedding and have been looking into Cyprus, it looks absolutely amazing! However, I am stuck on where to even start (shameful I know), but I am not someone who has been planning their magical day as I never ever dreamed it would happen! but it is and I am now panicking that I have no idea where to start or what to do!! 

I started thinking of a hotel location and having everything in one place, saves the travelling between etc but then I started thinking maybe a separate location.....I have been on google and lots of websites but its all so confusing.

Does anyone have any advice or websites they could offer, it would be greatly appreciated 

I am hopefully going to try and plan this without a wedding planner, until the wedding is booked as I know a wedding planner is then assigned, which will be great, but in the interim, I want to try and have a look myself

Me and the hubby to be are going to visit Cyprus in May this year and I was hoping I could have a few options to go and view 

Thank you in advance for any advice anyone is able to give

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