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Lots of advice needed please

help! We were meant to be getting married 3 weeks ago in Gretna Green but due to OH’s mum having a heart attack it never happened. She is recovering in hospital still but is getting there. 

We’re now planning a wedding at a local registry office and looking at hiring a hall for the reception. We’re going to do food/drink ourselves. We are thinking of getting a bouncy castle slide for the kids a DJ and we already have a photo booth on order from before. 

I need advice on what happens at a registry office wedding, music? Readings? can both my kids give me away (10 and 12)? Do we have bridesmaids? Bestman? I’ve no idea.....

Just been looking for wedding items and it suddenly hit me that my dad can’t give me away, he died from a sudden heart attack 4 years ago. When planning the Gretna wedding it wasn’t a thought, but it is now. 😢. My mum would hate it so can’t ask her but thought my kids might be allowed to. 

Many help/advice on anything for the day would be most welcomed. Thank you so much



  • Kitty12Kitty12 Posts: 119 New bride

    In terms of giving you away, you can have anyone do the job, or nobody if you so wish. There was another wedding in the same venue as mine on my wedding day, and that bride was being walked down the aisle by her son, which I thought was lovely!

    The ceremony will be a standard civil ceremony, regardless of whether you have it at their office, or they come to a venue. Readings are optional, and they’ll ask you to select some music. You’re not allowed to have anything remotely religious in either, and the songs have to be approved beforehand to make sure they meet this requirement. 

    After you meet the registrar to give notice, you’ll have the chance to ask them questions about the ceremony, and then you’ll probably get a form sent to you where you can choose the vow wording.

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