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So I don’t really want a real flower bouquet, I want something I can keep, they aren’t cheap so I don’t really see the point of paying for something that’s going to have to be thrown out by the time I come back off honeymoon. I want a keep sake. I don’t really like fabric flowers so I’m looking for suggestions of something that looks nice and is a bit different, and most importantly it can be a keepsake


  • Hi,

    Have a look at the dunelm website or even the range website they have artifical flowers and they are pretty and cheap, plus they can be kept as keepsakes! I will say though I haven’t seen any in person so quality might be different than that on a screen.

    Jess x

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    What about a button or broach bouquet?  Just Google or pinteret it and you'll see lots of ideas!

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    My aunt had a prayer book instead of a bouquet (you could have a non religious book if need be) She had a lovely book mark that came out of it with orchid flowers pinned to it.

    It looked really cool. I wasn't there to see it (they married in the 70s) but I have seen pictures. It was very simple and quite meaningful.

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    I've seen crystal, brooch, button, paper flower, crochet flower bouquets. Saw someone carrying a small photo in a frame of a loved one attached to ribbon. Seen feather bouquets too.

    Bouquets of just foliage or herbs can be stunning too.

    You can make small bouquets from succulents which can then be planted afterwards if you want to keep.

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    Thanks everyon, some great ideas for me to contemplate

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    Few options I've found!


    I know you said about the faux flowers looking real thing but I've recently bought flowers and foliage (faux of course) from both The Range and Home Bargains and I can really recommend both actually! The range is great and has a bigger selection. They look very real!


    You could use feathers and a brooch or like a fan with feathers on it or not... I love this so much but it's probably an acquired taste!


    I LOVE this one! It's such a different idea but soo pretty! A lantern with a candle in it and if you wanted to you could put some foliage in it as well and it's great to keep afterwards :)

    So these ones are very dependant on when/where your wedding is. Autumn, Winter and Summery beach wedding.


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    Hi! ive ordered some dried wedding flowers for my wedding in July. They’re beautiful and you get to keep them! they do bouquets, buttonholes, hair flowers etc 

    I got mine from Etsy here’s the link to their shop.


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    I'm having a brooch bouquet - I've ordered from I heart buttons - something similar to this.

    Yes they are expensive but will last forever and because we are getting married abroad I wanted something I could bring home from the wedding.

    I am sending my late Grandmas ring to add into the bouquet too. Can't wait to see it finished xxx

  • We had flowers from

    Absolutely loved them and we still have them  :) 


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