Help choosing the perfect location!?

Hi all, 

So glad I found this forum, I feel really overwhelmed with the initial “BIG” Decisions!! 

We’re planning an Italian wedding in JULY/AUGUST of 2020. 

Initially I had my heart set on a Lake Como wedding  for 100-120 guests but everything im seeing online seems to be extremely expensive. Our budget is around 30k but for that price we want to host the wedding, stay in a villa and then throw a bbq party the next day to say thank you to our guests.

Please can anyone recommend or comment  the names of beautiful venues near to lakes or the sea with views of mountains? (MUST BE NEAR TO WATER)

I hope Im not asking for too much! I know my perfect venue is out there... 


Thank you in advance! ❤️


  • Hello, I'm obviously don't know your personal lives or anything but first of all, I would be realistic about the numbers of the guests you expect to attend the wedding especially one that is abroad.

    - Are you absolutely certain 100-120 people will attend? 

    -Are all those guests necessary to attend, can you minimise the guest list to cut some costs?

    -Have you looked at catering options? Not sure what they do in Italy but basing on UK options, a hog roast is significantly cheaper than a sit down three course meal. Always book catering at minimum expected attendance, you can always add numbers later but caterers don't often reduce numbers

    - Are you going to pay for the accommodation for your guests? If yes, maybe reconsider this if it doesn't fit the budget 

    - Do you have a large bridal party, have you already asked them to be part of it? If not, maybe you can reduce numbers to save on costs like BM dresses and GM suits. 

    - Consider flower alternatives and decoration alternatives. Decide on a venue that has the added wow factor so it doesn't require as much decor (although be wary that added wow may mean added pennies) 

    Just a few suggestions. 

  • Have you looked at Lake Garda? A couple of my friends have got wed in Malcensine which is beautiful and more reasonably priced. 

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